There has been a lot of changes in the information technology sector. This has come with the great use of computers. Almost every office today has a computer. Employees are glued on computers to have their work done. This has brought a positive change to the companies’ income but on the other hand causing eye health problems to the workers. Some of the symptoms to show that your eyes are affected include tired eyes, eye strain, headaches and eye pains. It is important to take breaks to relax your eyes.

Eye strain relief tips

The solution to the above problems caused by working using computers is not staying away from them. They remain to be an important part of our life. This article will give simple tips to relax your eyes.

Take a break

fcvbsedrtfgyuhnDo not work until your eyes burn. After around every hour, stand from your desk and walk around the office. This is an important relaxation skill. It relieves your eyes from strain. A simple technique of closing your eyes while you exhale and opening them while you inhale you relax.

Practice rolling your eyes

Do this with either closed or open eyes. Look way from your computer frequently. Focusing on the computer for long cause eye strain, hence looking away from it helps you relax. The point here is to keep your eyes in motion, do not just stare at your computer all day. Another way to keep your eyes on motion is focusing on near and far objects alternatively. This keeps the eyes alert and improves the visual system.

Stay in a comfortable position

This is another important aspect to keeping your eyes in excellent condition. Adjust your seat to all directions until you find that comfortable position. Another way to get comfortable is by adjusting the computer screen. Make sure you are not straining to see or type. Do not place the monitor at awkward angles.


It is important to ensure that your work area is well light.  A work setting with proper lighting gives the right mood to work. You will feel comfortable and easy as compared to a dim office.

Enough working space

dxcvbnzxcvbYou must have enough working space such that your legs and hands are free. Your computer should not be far way or too close. Make the necessary adjustments to the appliance and seating to make sure that every part of your body is free. By so doing, even your eyes will not be very strained.