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Effective Tips on How to Cure Sleep Apnea

These days, some people might have sleep disorders. If your sleep deprivation causes you to stop breathing for between ten and thirty seconds, you may have sleep apnea. This condition can cause short pauses in breathing that can happen up to 400 times per night. It could be dangerous for your health. Obstructive sleep apnea is the most common type.

Let’s discuss the best ways to treat sleep apnea in this article. Many have debated the benefits and drawbacks of running and exercising on people with sleep apnea. There is no major drawback to doing so. To help you understand sleep apnea better, read the following information. Then you will know about sleep apnea causes symptoms and the most effective treatments to it.


drinkingSometimes, changing your daily habits can also be a solution for sleep apnea. It is best to stay away from alcohol, smoking, and taking sleeping pills. To improve your sleep cycle, if you’re overweight, get some exercise and lose weight. Changes in the way people sleep should be made for those with severe sleep apnea. To keep your throat open, you should not sleep on your back. Instead, choose to lie on your side. It will also help with sleep apnea.

Continuous Positive Pressure

sleep apneaYou wear a mask to your nose during sleep apnea treatment. The mask respirator is able to absorb air from your throat and apply pressure that suits you. Adjusting the air pressure to your comfort level will prevent your breathing passages from becoming temporarily too small while you sleep. This eventually leads to sleep apnea treatment. The sleep apnea treatment can help you stop snoring. However, it does not eliminate your sleep apnea.

Drug Therapy

Obstructive sleep apnea is the most severe form of sleep apnea. There is no treatment. There is however a way to treat sleep apnea. Orally, it is called methylxanthine. It can cause insomnia and palpitations. Theophylline is not recommended for people with OSA. However, it can sometimes be used to treat Central Sleep Apnea.

Bi-Levels Therapy

Bi-level therapy is another type of therapy to treat sleep apnea. Bi-level therapy is an electronic circuit that regulates the patient’s breathing. The device also produces two pressures: one for inhalation and one for exhalation.


surgeryIf you’re confident enough, surgery may be an option to treat your sleep apnea. The cause of your sleep disorder will determine the type of surgery you need. The surgeon will remove any tonsils or adenoids that have blocked the airways and caused your sleep disorder.