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Cat Artist Title Price Description, players, etc.
ARSNova1  Don Scaletta The Jazz Project Salutes Stan Kenton $15.00 This is music that has the Kenton flavor and drama and is superbly played. This is the first CD by this band. If you are a Kenton fan, this is very worth having.
Arbors    Arbors    Arbors    Arbors
Cat Artist Title Price Description, players, etc.
19414  "Buck" Pizzarelli Back In The Saddle Again $15.00 Western swing rides again in this sequel to Bucky's origina CD. An added addition is Monty Alexander's swinging piano. A great CD!
0-FIN101  1991 Triangle Jazz Partyboys 1991 Triangle Jazz Partyboys $15.00 The musicians donated their services so that all of the proceeds benefit "Friends in Need", a non-profit , charitable organization serving the chronically ill, poor, and the jazz drummer, Gus Johnson, JR.
ARCD19316  Aaron Weinstein A Handful Of Stars $15.00 This is a wonderful debut CD by the 19 year old swinging violinist, Aaron Weinstein. His choice of tunes and his playing are both with excellent taste.
19355  Aaron Weinstein and John Pizzarelli Blue Too $15.00 Here are two masters having a marvelous musical conversation. A lot of swinging standards.
19396  Allan Vache Look To The Sky $15.00 Allan and his cohorts go through 14 tracks of standards we all know, arranged by John Sheridan and Allan Vache. A fine CD.
19338  Allan Vache With Benny In Mind $15.00 For this CD Allan gathered a talented group of musicians, all of whom show an understanding of the Goodman Legacy. This CD should appeal to one and all.
19288  Allan Vache and Friends Ballads, Burners and Blues $15.00 "A rip-roaring album that not only proves Vache's versatility as a clarinetist, but also asserts the continuing vitality of creative mainstream jazz. Vache ranges from leading a sextet with a classic trad jazz front line of cornet, clarinet and trombone plus rhythm section all the way down to drumless duo and trio tracks. And along the way he finds creative ways with arrangements and repertoire ranging from New Orleans classic style to New Orleans R&B shuffle, uptempo swing to slow ballads, as welll as songs ranging from pop and jazz standards to a Mexican song and a chart-topping pop hit from the Sixties." - George Kanzler, contributing editor, Hothouse Jazz Magazine; member, National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences; retired jazz and arts edito for the Newark Star Ledger
19171  Allen Vache Sextette Swing and Other Things $15.00 "For lovers of the clarinet a new record by Allan Vache is a jazz event. Allan is a unique player. He is absolutely fearless as an improvisor. He is one of the very few clarinetists who can play to the top of the range - high "C" and even a "D" -- without piercing the listener's ears. His middle and low registers reveal a lush tone that lends his playing great warmth. He makes a sport out of improvisation. Allan's playing is as inventive -- and exciting -- as any clarinetist on the scene, today." -- Rick Fay, musician and columnist for The Mississippi Rag
19180  Andy Fielding Playing For Keeps $10.00 "Andy's style, rooted in ragtime and stride piano (there are only a handful of pianists on the planet who can play Carolina Shout as cleanly and creatively as he does on this disc), also incorporates some modern heroes: The right-hand filigree of Art Tatum; the swaggering left-hand groove of Dave McKenna; the luscious harmonies of Keith Jarrett; Dick Hyman's left-hand counterpoint." -Tom McDermott, noted pianist, composer, arranger and journalist
19181  Andy Fielding and Rick Fay Tunes for Tommy $10.00 "Jazz is a great leveler. National origins, language hurdles, stylistic differences - none of these are important when there is spontaneous blending of musical minds in a jazz setting. Rick and Andy, though separated in age by decades, are as naturally at home together as fraternal twins. However, I think it's obvious that Rick the elder takes pride in helping to present a pianist who is (to steal a line from Down Beat magazine) deserving of wider recognition. For Andy Fielding, the best may be yet to come. But, judging from this gratifying session, the present is very good indeed." - Richard Hadlock (Author of Jazz Masters of the Twenties and Host of The Annals of Jazz, on KCSM-FM San Mateo, California.)
19413  Becky Kilgore Love Fest $15.00 Becky is the consumate vocalist with a voice like an angel. Here she is in good form with a greatbunch of musicians backing her.
19200  Ben Aronov The Best Thing for Me $10.00 "An intoxicating jazz cocktail comprised of solos, duos, trios and quartets....interpreting the repertoire, embellishing the music as the jazz creators meant it to be." - Arnold Jay Smith, former editor of Down Beat, celebrating during 1998-9 the XXth season of his "Jazz Insights" lectures at the New School in N.Y.C.
19322  Bernd Lhotzky Piano Portrait $15.00 As you will hear quite clearly, Bernd's playing has gained complete maturity. His command of the keyboard is impressive, the touch and the nuances totally under control. His ideas are fresh and evocative, his execution flawless.
19395  Bill Allred The New York Sessions - featuring John Allred $15.00 This is abut as fine an aggregation of musicians as you will find. 13 great tracks of wonderful standards.
19271  Bix Beiderbecke Celebrating Bix! On the Centennial of His Birth $15.00 An outstanding collection of jazz all stars pay their respects to a great master, Bix Beiderbecke, on the one-hundredth anniversary of his birth on March 10, 1903, by faithfully presenting his immortal solos and leads in a new and creative setting, scored variously for a variety of instruments from Dick Hyman's solo piano, to 3 cornets, 3 C-melody saxes, 3 clarinets, a brass choir, and a brass and woodwind group. They help answer the question as to why Bix still retains the power to inspire us 72 years after his death.
19305  Bob Dorough Sunday At The Iridium $10.00 "Bob Dorough rise to national fame as the music director and composer of many of the songs heard on Schoolhouse Rock...Now he is enthraliing a whole new generation of admirers at the midtown Manhattan jazz boite at 51st Street and Broadway called Iridium, singing his songs and leading a stellar quartet there most Sundays." - Paul Blair
19266  Bob Haggart The Piano Giants at Bob Haggart's 80th Birthday Party $15.00 "Recorded at the first of Arbors' memorable March of Jazz parties, in tribute to Bob Haggart on his 80th birthday, each of these three peerless participating pianists is a stylist, but each also knows how to adapt to the demands of the duo... This memento of a truly memorable piano party is dedicated to the three great gentlemen performing there who have left us, Hag, Milt and Ralph, but who would want us to remember them on the happy kind of note they brought to this and so many other joyful gatherings." from the album notes by Dan Morgenstern, Director of the Institute of Jazz Studies at Rutgers University
19265  Bob Haggart's Swing Three The All Stars at Bob Haggart's 80th Birthday Party $15.00 "The 1994 March of Jazz was a first in more ways than one. It kicked off what has become one of the foremost annual jazz events, combining the best elements of the festival and party genres, and it was the first in a series of birthday tributes to senior jazz greats. There could hardly have been a better choice than Bob Haggart for first celebrant. Universally respected as a bassist and arranger of the first rank and greatly admired as a man by all who had the pleasure of knowing him, he was indeed someone about whom not a bad word was ever spoken. And the warm feelings his colleagues had for him infuse the fine sounds captured herin." from the album notes by Dan Morgenstern, Director of the Institute of Jazz Studies at Rutgers University
19156  Bob Haggart's Swing Three Hag Leaps In $10.00 "Acclaimed clarinetist Kenny Davern, effortlessly spinning out brilliantly articulate lines that often nudge the outer limits of his horn's tonal range, has brought a very select group of fine jazzmen to the studio to carry out his musical designs."
- Floyd Levin (Award winning jazz writer, producer, lyricist and contributor of oral history interviews to the Jazz Archive at Tulane University)

Bob Haggart, bass; John Bunch, piano; Bucky Pizzarelli, guitar

19424  Bob Wilber Bob Wilber And The Three Amigos $15.00 This isn't a Mariachi band, bur a hard swinging Jazz band. The Three Amigos played together on a cruise ship in Mexican waters when they first played together. This band swings throughout. Highly recommended.
19411  Bob Wilber BW and the Tuixedo Big Band of Toulouse, France, Lad By Paul Cheron: Rampage $15.00 This is the second CD by Bob Wilber and the Tuxedo Big Band from France. A rompin' stompin' machine that swings.
19402  Bob Wilber Bob Wilber Is Here $15.00 Maybe they should have called this CD "Bob Wilber Is Still Here", but the didn't. Wilber is still blowing up a storm as only he can do it. A swinging CD.
19145  Bob Wilber Nostalgia $10.00 "This is music to dream by." - Bob Wilber
19144  Bob Wilber Bean: Bob Wilber?s Tribute to Coleman Hawkins $10.00 "Bob Wilber, in company with tenor saxophonists Harry Allen, Antti Sarpila and Tommy Whittle, demonstrate their mutual love and affection for the master, Coleman Hawkins, performing a series of arrangements and original tunes aimed at capturing the Hawkins sound with a sax section." - Producer's note
19135  Bob Wilber Horns A-Plenty $10.00 "Bob Wilber stretches out on clarinet, curved and straight soprano, tenor and alto, creating a variety of sounds and feelings, while performing a varied repertoire expressing his love of melody, including three original compositions."
19193  Bob Wilber and Dick Hyman A Perfect Match $10.00 Two jazz masters, Bob Wilber on alto sax and Dick Hyman on the Hammond organ, collaborate in a loving musical tribute to Johnny Hodges and Wild Bill Davis.
19183  Bob Wilber and Kenny Davern Reunion at Arbors $10.00 This "Reunion at Arbors" unites Wilber and Davern for their first studio recording in many years, in the tradition of the great series of Soprano Summit and Summit Reunion recordings. "This eminently satisfying CD is a prime example of that special chemistry that has always existed between Kenny Davern and Bob Wilber....This particular recording, which was made after Bob and Kenny played together at the March of Jazz festival at Clearwater Beach, Florida in the Spring of 1997, is among their best and certainly one of their most distinctive." - Ross Firestone, author of the award-winning Swing, Swing, Swing: The Life and Times of Benny Goodman.
19202  Bob Wilber and the Int'l March of Jazz All Stars Everywhere You Go There's Jazz $10.00 Bob Wilber, a master interpreter of classic jazz reed styles, has brought together for this session some giants of small band swing who performed in Florida at the 1998 International March of Jazz weekend jazz party. Carrying out the "international" theme, the all-star group, including world-class musicians from Finland, Sweden, Great Britain, Canada and, of course, The United States, proves once again that "Everywhere You Go There's Jazz."
19282  Bob Wilber and The Tuxedo Big Band The Tuxedo Big Band, Volume Two $15.00 In this Volume Two follow up to the critically acclaimed Fletcher Henderson's Unrecorded Arrangements for Benny Goodman (*****- Down Beat), Bob Wilber and the Tuxedo Big Band of Toulouse, France tackle more unrecorded arrangements by Henderson and by 14 more of Goodman's best writers, in addition to a Wilber original. They once again capture the essence of Goodman's style and sound but with their own fresh interpretations, making for the ultimate in big band swing.
19229  Bob Wilber and the Tuxedo Big Band Bob Wilber and the Tuxedo Big Band of Toulouse, France $15.00 "A lot of good records come out every year, but very few of them could be called an event. This one can. An unearthed treasure trove of arrangements written by Fletcher Henderson for Benny Goodman but never previously recorded now brought to life by Bob Wilber and a swinging big band filled with first-rate soloists -- well, that's not the sort of thing that happens every day." - Ross Firestone, author of the award-winning Swing, Swing, Swing: The Life and Times of Benny Goodman.
0-ARVHS-3  Bob Wilber Big Band Live at the March of Jazz '96 - Bufadora Blowup $20.00 Bob Wilber's first big band recording of his own music, live on video, in concert, at the 1996 March of Jazz. The concert is presented exactly the way it was performed by vocalist Joanne "Pug" Horton and a hand-picked group of all-stars. Sixteen selections including eleven of Bob's originals. The concert is presented exactly the way it was performed by vocalist Joanne "Pug" Horton and a hand-picked group of all-stars. Sixteen selections including eleven of Bob's originals.
19352  Bobby Gordon Plays Joe Marsala: Lower Register $15.00 This being Joe Marsal's centennial year, Bobb Gordon pays a special tribute to his mentor and friend. A wonderful CD. The liner notes are by Eleisa Marsala Trampler the daughter of Joe Marsal and Adele Girard, and who better to know about Joe, Adele and Bobby.
19172  Bobby Gordon Bobby Gordon Plays Bing $10.00 Bobby Gordon leads an outstanding group of musicians, featuring arrangements by Keith Ingham, in a tribute to Bing Crosby, reintroducing to today's audiences and giving a jazz feel to 19 cream-of-the-crop songs that were propelled to popularity by Crosby years ago. - Producer's note
19277  Bobby Gordon and Bob Wilber Yearnings $10.00 In their first pairing on record, the two Bob's, joined by John Sheridan, David Stone and Tony DeNicola, demonstrate their affinity for the nostalgic, in a program of beautiful tunes performed with elegance and grace. With quiet missionary resolve, they are helping to guarantee that the kind of inventive, melodic, swinging jazz associated with the jazz masters of the past continues to reach the ears of 21st Century audiences.
19223  Bobby Gordon and Dave McKenna Clarinet Blue $15.00 The quintessential Bobby Gordon, performing a program of his special favorites in a small group setting, abetted by the remarkable pianistics of Dave McKenna and a swinging rhythm section of Frank Tate and Joe Ascione. "This happy encounter is very much in the tradition of clarinet teamed up with just piano and maybe a couple of rhythm and shows how satisfying this format continues to be and how many new pleasures it still has to offer." - Ross Firestone, author of Swing, Swing, Swing: The Life and Times of Benny Goodman.
19112  Bobby Gordon Quartet Don't Let It End $10.00 With Special Guest Adele Girard Marsala. A recording to be treasured. Graceful and elegant classic jazz featuring the mellow clarinet of Bobby Gordon with Adele Girard Marsala, the premier jazz harpist, and with widow of Bobby's teacher, Joe Marsala,in her final performance. "When I heard these ethereal sounds, I thought I had died and gone to heaven" -- Floyd Levin, jazz writer for numerous publications.
19216  Brian Ogilvie For You $10.00 Brian Ogilvie's first recording as leader is a blazing debut on reeds in company with John Sheridan, his former mate in Jim Cullum's Jazz Band, Dan Barrett, Phil Flanigan and Jeff Hamilton. - Producer's note.
19159  Bryan Shaw Night Owl $10.00 Highlighting the talents of a refreshingly individual trumpet player from California, Bryan Shaw, "who has unobtrusively played his way into the front rank of distinguished contemporary mainstream musicians, backed here by an all-star cast, including Dan Barrett, Scott Robinson, Dave Frishberg, Bucky Pizzarelli and the song stylings of Rebecca Kilgore... Were this recording made in 1945 as several Keynote albums, it would surely occupy space in my collection alongside sets by Coleman Hawkins, Earl Hines, Joe Thomas and Benny Carter. I can think of no higher praise than that." -- Richard Hadlock: Author of Jazz Masters of the Twenties & host of The Annals of Jazz on KCSM-FM San Mateo, CA
19436  Bucky and John Pizzarelli Family Fugue $15.00 The theory of playing to enhance the other person's sound is overwhelmingly present on the 12 classic songs on this CD and the interplay sounds as if it's one mind playing two guitars. This is pujre Pizzarelli magic at its finest.
ARCD19345  Bucky and John Pizzarelli Generations $15.00 Father and son, two masters, playing a bunch of great tunes. "Generations" is a very apt title. Two great guitarists playing some wonderful tunes we all know.
19435  Bucky Pizzarelli Challis In Wonderland $15.00 Bucky pays homage to Bill Challis with this CD titled "Challis In Wonderland". Bill Challis was a fine arranger ahead of his time and was an intimate musical collaborater of Bix Beiderbecke, transcribing the piano solos Bucky performs here on guitar. Bucky wrote "Challis in Wonderland" in Bill's honor. This is a fine CD throughout.
19344  Bucky Pizzarelli 5 For Freddie, Tribute to Freddie Green $15.00 Bucky and Pals pay tribute to the master of the rhythm guitar, Freddie Green. A swinging recording from beginning to end.
19306  Bucky Pizzarelli Flashes - A Lifetime in Words and Music $15.00 Bucky Pizzarelli reminisces about his 60+ years as a professional guitarist in a CD that could have been titled "The Art Of The Ballad." In it he demonstrates the myriad ways that lovely songs belonging to "The Great American Songbook" can be reworked, distilled and reharmonized, often as his moving inner voices, his bass lines, all devices that breath new life into these American popular classics - Marty Grosz
19254  Bucky Pizzarelli One Morning in May $15.00 A second masterpiece by Bucky Pizzarelli exploring classic jazz guitar. A must addition for any jazz album collection. "Jazz guitarists come and go, usually in a flurry of flying fingers, but Bucky Pizzarelli has been with us for nearly six decades. A meticulous craftsman and elegant stylist, Pizzarelli is a living link to such guitar pioneers as Django Reinhardt, George Van Eps, and George Barnes; there's not a standard or swing tune his seven-string instrument hasn't spun into pure gold." -- The New Yorker, December 18, 2000.
19227  Bucky Pizzarelli April Kisses $15.00 "Sometimes it is strange the way things happen. In January of this year (1999), I reached my friend Bucky in London for an interview. Shortly after we exchanged greetings he began to play for me some compositions by Eddie Lang and Carl Kress on his new Benedetto 7-string guitar. I knew the original recordings, but while he was playing I had a very clear feeling. I was listening to the most important heir of a tradition that we could define as "archtop guitar music." A tradition founded by Lang and Kress and then continued by artists like George Van Eps, George W. Smith and Bucky himself, but which has been kept in the shadows for too long. This unique blending of classical harmony and jazz language is the real American answer to European classical guitar. On this precious recording, Maestro Bucky Pizzarelli plays wonderfully some of the best of these compositions. Listening to them, many people will want to know why such beautiful music has been, until today, so overlooked. It seemed quite obvious to suggest to Bucky the idea of recording this material alone, on the acoustic archtop. When I told him, he had a sparkle in his eyes. As a guitar player and jazz lover I now thank him for realizing it." - Michele Ariodante, jazz guitarist and regular contributor to Axe magazine. Rome, Italy, March, 1999
19349  Buddy DeFranco Charlie Cat II $15.00 Buddy DeFranco shows us he still knows how to swing in this exciting session backed by all stars Lou Soloff, Rufus Reid, Joe Chon, Howrd Alden and Ed Metz, Jr. Dare we say this is a tribute to Buddy's cat Charlie? If so, it is a swinging tribute to the Charlie.
19298  Buddy DeFranco with John Pizzarelli Trio and Butch Miles Cookin' the books $15.00 Buddy DeFranco joins with the popular John Pizzarelli Trio and Butch Miles to prove that he is still "Mr. Clarinet." Swinging from start to finish, DeFranco shows that same dexterity and musica passion that made him a pioneer in exploring the clarinet for be-bop and one of the all time clarinet greats. The John Pizzarelli Trio, another paragon of swing, and Butch Miles, who has swung the Count Basie Orchestra for many years, provide the rhythmic base, and John Pizzarelli adds two vocals in his crowd-pleasing way.
19350  Carol Sloane With Ken Peplowski and Brad Hatfield: Dearest Duke $15.00 Carol Sloane is one of the finest jazz singers, respected by all musicians. Here the three of them pay a marvelous tribute to Duke. You will not miss the bass and drums, guaranteed!
19440  Chris Flory Chris Flory Quintet Featuring Scott Hamilton $15.00 Chris Flory has been playing mainstream swing since the 70s, and as part of that generation, he has kept the legacy of swing guitar alive, playing in his own inimitable style.
19357  Chris Flory For You $15.00 The tasteful guitarist Chris Flory in a swinging session with some fine musicians. Chris' debut CD with Arbors. 11 Tracks of beautiful tunes. Swings throughout!
19235  Chris Hopkins Daybreak $10.00 Introducing to American audiences a brilliant young German pianist, Chris Hopkins, whose swing-oriented and stride-inspired piano playing finds its roots in Earl "Fatha" Hines, Teddy Wilson and Jess Stacy, as well as in the stridemasters of Harlem, James P. Johnson, Fats Waller and Willie "The Lion" Smith. "Chris Hopkins," Dan Barrett enthuses, "is one of the most talented young piano players I've heard. I just flipped when I first heard him because he's not yet out of his twenties and, although his playing reflects his study of the men who created jazz piano, he brings his own ideas to the table." -Producer's Note
19429  Chuck Folds Chasing A Dream $15.00 Chuck Folds is a great stride pianist who has played with a virtual Who's Who in Jazz. For the past 18 years he has had a steady gig at the Park Avenue Plaza. Oh, how he swings!
19117  Chuck Folds Hitting his Stride $10.00 Solo piano by a master of stride and all-around player. "Chuck Folds is my favorite pianist. He plays great stride, and he does it his own way. And Chuck knows a lot of tunes. He has a feeling for melody - you hear that all the time in his solos. And heýs a good accompanist. I'm glad Chuck has made a solo record. He should be much better known." -- Doc Cheatham, July 1993, the incomparable trumpet legend in whose quartet Chuck has played Sunday brunches at Sweet Basil since 1980.
10429  Chuck Folds chasing a dream $15.00 Chuck has played with everybody including Henry "Red" Allen, Shorty Baker, Doc Cheatham (backed him for 14 years at Sweet Basil) Buck Clayton, Eddie Condon, Vic DIckenson, Roy Eldridge, Bobby Hackett - and the list goes on and on. An elegant swinging pianist in a rare solo CD. *****
19208  Chuck Folds and his Sweet Basil Friends Remember Doc Cheatham $10.00 "Of all the musicians I've played with, none has touched people's hearts more than Doc Cheatham. His humanity charm and good naturedness rode on every note. . . . I was lucky beyond words to play so many, many gigs - for nearly a quarter of a century - with that extraordinary guy. And to be his close friend, as was my wife, Jane. Doc's spirit will be with me all the way down the road." - Chuck Folds.
19273  Chuck Hedges Just Jammin' The Milwaukee Connection $10.00 "The genre is swinging chamber jazz, possibly what the pioneering Benny Goodman sextet might sound like today, if BG, Lionel Hampton, Teddy Wilson, et al, were still alive and playiing. Amazingly, nothing here sound dated. These cats have stayed current." - Mike Drew, jazz critc, lecturer and write for The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
19239  Chuck Hedges Just For Fun $10.00 "Ever since hearing the 1993 Arbors release of No Greater Love (ARCD 19121) and reinforced by recordings for the Delmark label and live performances at the Montreaux-Detroit Jazz Festival, this writer has remained firmly convinced that Chuck Hedges is likely one of the greatest living clarinetists active on the American jazz scene. His fluent dexterity, wealth of ideas and unflappable swing make him a target for others to shoot for, but hte loft is quite high indeed. For all the years plying his trade on a brand of Dixie-to-swing that personifies the core values of jazz, it is unbelievable to note that Chuck Hedges has made no more than a handful of recordings. That Arbors has afforded him another opportunity to document his music elevates this CD to major event status." Michael G. Nastos, who writes for The All Music Guide and Cadence Magazine and hosts a jazz show on WEMU, 89.1 FM, Ypsilanti, Michigan
19121  Chuck Hedges Quartet No Greater Love $10.00 Chuck Hedges, long considered one of the finest jazz clarinetists with a trio of friends, performing with great beauty and harmonic subtlety. "An inspired performance: swinging, fluid and articulate." - Eddie Higgins, one of the premier jazz pianists.
19398  Chuck Redd The Common Thread $15.00 This is a fine swinging group led by Chuck Redd. An exquisist player. 12 Tracks of great tunes.
19314  Chuck Redd Remembers Barney Kessel: Happy All The Time $15.00 Chuck Redd with an all-star group paying a loving tribute to the great Barney Kessel.
19257  Chuck Redd All This and Heaven Too $15.00 "Timeless music! An album to prove worng those who say, 'They don't make 'em like that anymore.'" - Chip Deffaa, the jazz critic of The New York Post for the 15 years and author of numerous books about jazz.
19206  Chuck WIlson Echo Of Spring $15.00 The really great alto saxophonist with some really special friends and musical compadres playing some wonderful tunes.
19191  Dan Barrett Melody in Swing $10.00 "Melody in Swing finds trombonist and arranger Dan Barrett returning to the classic small band jazz setting we heard on his previous critically acclaimed Jubilesta! This time Barrett is leading a quintet - a perfect theater for his imaginative arrangements, his warm tone and lyrical sound' . It's all here: (a) testimonial to how jazz's musical past has woven its way into the musical present of this gifted trombonist." -- John Breckow, Former host of Smoke Rings on radio station KPFK-FM Los Angeles, California
19158  Dan Barrett and his Extra-Celestials Dan Barrett and his Extra-Celestials $10.00 "Dan Barrett has once more put together a swing session which is neither buried in the past nor draped over today's trendy jazz clich's. Rather, it just glows in the light of a timeless and inspired musicianship....Rebecca Kilgore has gradually refined her vocal gifts and stands now, I believe, as a leading interpreter of America's classic popular songs. Her easy, musicianly way of bringing forth each tune's best qualities is very special, carefully nurtured artistry." - Dick Hadlock, author of Jazz Masters of the Twenties and host of The Annals of Jazz, on KCSM-FM San Mateo, California.
19143  Dan Barrett and Tom Baker In Australia $10.00 "Jazz is obviously now an International music. What a joy it is to be associated with such remarkable talents as are on the Dan Barrett/Tom Baker session. There's still plenty of inspiration and creativity to be heard in this celebration of the rich tradition of jazz of a golden era." - Jim McLeod, whose "Jazztrack" on the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, is the only national radio show in that country.
19107  Dan Barrett Trio and Quartet Jubilesta! $10.00 "On this latest disc, only Dan's second as sole leader, his playing is to the fore. I can't think of very many recent offerings with trombone as the only horn, or of many trombonists who could meet such a challenge, but Dan Barrett comes through with flying colors. What is striking here is not just his secure technique, consistently superb intonation, and mastery of mutes (the plunger in particular), but the maturity of his conception and the beauty of his sound. And all this is at all times at the service of the music; the message is always there." -- Dan Morgenstern, jazz editor and producer and the Director of the Institute of Jazz Studies, Rutgers University.
19124  Dan Barrett, featuring Al Jenkins Reunion with Al Featuring Al Jenkins $10.00 This recording introduces trombonist Al Jenkins, a long overlooked hero of the jazz scene and a strong influence on the developing talents of the teen-aged Dan Barrett, to a new generation of listeners. As Dan has written about his first meeting with Al, "His ensemble playing was different than any I had heard up to that time. He literally had his own way of swinging. He found just the right notes to impart the fullest harmony, and delivered them with that utterly relaxed, irresistible swing. I felt I was in the presence greatness." And, as listeners to this recording will find, the stunning vibrancy of his trombone still possesses the power to accelerate the pulse. -- Producer's Note
19232  Dan Barrett, featuring Rebecca Kilgore Blue Swing $15.00 After having played concerts, festivals and parties as a soloist in recent years with many of the top jazz players in the world, Dan Barrett has hand picked a band out of his favorites among them. The result is Blue Swing, a collection of brilliant individuals who have developed the cohesion and that rare combination of relaxation and precision achieved only by the great jazz organizations. "If this CD doesn't earn them a solid place on the new-millennial jazz scene, we're in trouble." -- Jim Leigh, a novelist & journalist whose monthly column "West Coasting" appears in the Mississippi Rag.
19341  Daryl Sherman Guess Who's In Town $15.00 Whenever Daryl performs, whether in person or on a CD, something special is bound to happen and it most certainly does on this CD, 15 tunes of exceptional quality.
19279  Daryl Sherman A Hundred Million Miracles, The Music of Richard Rodgers $15.00 "As the man says, no sobs, no sorrows, no sighs, simply swing, as Daryl and her fellows tak on some of the brightest songs by Richard Rodgers." - Max Wilk, author of They're Playing Our Song and OK! The Story of Oklahoma who writes frequently about the Broadway theatre
19154  Daryl Sherman Look What I Found $15.00 Cole Porter's lyric "flow sweet music" sums up the spirit of this album by the sophisticated yet swinging song stylist Daryl Sherman, making her Arbors Records debut with a choice potpourri of non-hits from hit films and shows, quality pop and jazz tunes in need of rediscovery, Sherman originals and two or three evergreens. In the company of ten of New York's most accomplished players, under the direction of trombonist Dan Barrett and featuring a bevy of his witty and inventive arrangements, Daryl again demonstrates, in the words of The New Yorker, that she "has yet to meet a standard whose charms she couldn't extract." - Paraphrased from the album notes by James Gavin, whose profiles of pop and jazz personalities appear in the New York Times and the Village Voice.
19224  Daryl Sherman and Dave McKenna Jubilee $10.00 "Jubilee" is a package bursting with good ideas. The simple act of getting Daryl Sherman and Dave McKenna together in the studio is, for my dough, concept enough to sustain an album. McKenna is a category unto himself and Daryl is a perfect bridge between the not so dissimilar worlds of cabaret and jazz, a brilliant interpreter who treats the melody as something to have fun with. - Paraphrased from the album notes by Will Friedwald, the author of Jazz Singing and Sinatra! The Song Is You, and co-author with Tony Bennett of The Good Life.
19334  Dave Frishberg at the Jazz Bakery: Retromania $15.00 In front of a live audience Frishberg examines his "pathological involvement" with sports heroes of yesterday.
19291  Dave Frishberg Do You Miss New York? $15.00 "Once you immerse yourself in Frishbergiana, the constant astonishment can tire you out if you're not careful. This is how to be careful with Frishberg: don't listen to one of his discs more than once a day, even though you're inclined at times to listen to nothing but. Frishberg, who dazzles with word play, exemplifies the high ground of wit, craft and musical imagination, displayed here so generously." - Daniel Okrent, writer and editor who has written about jazz for Esquire, Time, Fortune and other publications and was for several years a senior editorial executive at Time, Inc.
19185  Dave Frishberg By Himself $15.00 "It has been a couple of decades since Dave Frishberg made a mostly piano album. A few years ago, the cornetist and author Richard Sudhalter wrote of his friend and collaborator: "David and his songs have amassed such a cult following that people often forget he's one of the very best jazz pianists we have. I sometimes wonder whether even he has to be reminded once in a while.' Something reminded him. Four of the 14 pieces here have vocals; you can't expect a guy with his singing habit to go cold turkey. Two of them are brand new Frishberg songs. But in this collection, he concentrates on the keyboard." - Doug Ramsey, celebrated author and contributor to the leading jazz periodicals.
19118  Dave Frishberg & Jim Goodwin Double Play $10.00 The incomparable pianist and entertainer Dave Frishberg and the exceptional cornetist Jim Goodwin are partners in a program of unique and unusual jazz performances. "Here is high-risk but wonderfully spontaneous jazz, bristling with untested and daring ideas, last-second saves and a few out-and-out fluffs. And here are unique dialogues involving two remarkably talented instrumentalists, each listening with obvious pleasure to the other from the first note to the last." -- Richard Hadlock, critic, radio host and author of Jazz Masters of the Twenties.
19264  Dave McKenna An Intimate Evening with Dave McKenna $15.00 Dave McKenna again shows his understated technique, as well as his love of melody from which he seldom strays too far. The audience at the concert was filled with musicians, something which usually happens at his appearances. They always come to hear his wonderful way of phrasing; how he often re-writes the song without losing the melody; his many medleys (he perhaps knows more medleys than any other living pianist today); his marvelous left hand, always unpredictable, ranging from single notes, through full chords and stride and everything in between. Some of the songs he plays here he has recorded before but it really doesn't matter because every time Dave plays a song it is totally different. A change in keys, tempo and phrasing, all of which makes it very exciting to hear Dave play. - from the album notes by Producer, Gunnar Jacobsen, who recently retired as President of the International Association of Jazz Record Collectors.
19247  Derek Smith High Energy $15.00 "Throughout, one is impressed by the nimbleness of Derek's fingers - and his mind. With the virtuosity of Art Tatum, the sophistication of Teddy Wilson, and audacious boppishness of Bud Powell, Derek is a man for all seasons, an artist and entertainer whose musical genius transcends categories. He also possesses the now seemingly rare ability to make his musical points within the compass of three or four minutes. With Derek, less is more! High Energy is a gas! -Dr. Chuck Berg, University of Kansas, is a contributor and reviewer for JazzTimes, Down Beat and Jazz Educators Journal; a contributor to The Oxford Companion to Jazz and The Gramophone Guide to CD Jazz, and a Voting Member, National Academy of Recording Arts and Science
19132  Dick Cary and His Tuesday Night Friends Playing Dick Cary Originals $10.00 "The release of this wonderful material finally makes available a portion of a great body of Dick Cary's music that has never before been accessible to the public. These are the orchestral sounds previously heard only by his "Tuesday Night Friends," a dedicated rehearsal band assembled from the vast community of talented musicians in Southern California. The weekly performances of the rehearsal band continue to this day and will go on so long as these wonderful musicians are able to play. They estimate it will take ten years to play through the stockpile of great material that Dick Cary left behind on his death in 1994." -- Floyd Levin, award winning jazz writer whose oral history interview of Dick Cary is in the Jazz Archive at Tulane University in New Orleans
19253  Dick Cary's Tuesday Night Friends Got Swing ? $10.00 A rousing 19-number compilation of Cary originals and arrangements that is a true celebration of his unique musical personality, humor and, of course, genius, as performed by an all-star big band of his Tuesday Night Friends.
19310  Dick Hyman Dick Hyman and Randy Sandke: Now and Again $15.00 Two Masters at work here. How well they blend with each other is something you will have to hear for yourself. A masterful production!
19197  Dick Hyman and Derek Smith Dick (Hyman) and Derek (Smith) at the Movies $15.00 "There is really nothing that can prepare one for the effervescence that erupts after they sit down at their respective pianos and start sending shock waves and undulations of beautiful, seamless chords and runs. You know that years of practice and work have gone into what each brings to the table, and yet it all seems so fresh and of the moment... The amazing thing is, no matter how many times you've heard them play the same number, it's always different, never mechanical One time Dick will take the melody, the next it'll be Derek. Sometimes they don't know themselves until they're into it, creating new ideas, taking new chances, never losing the story line but building more subplots than Tolstoy. And swinging better than Tolstoy. Boy, do they swing!" - Jim Lowe, long-time New York and national radio personality and musicologist.
19248  Dick Hyman and John Sheridan Forgotten Dreams $15.00 " 'Novelty Piano' These beautiful, often haunting, piano pieces performed by Dick Hyman and John Sheridan come to us like a forgotten dream we may struggle to recall. They were once at the center of American popular culture, but memories of this anomaly now barely flicker on a horizon blurred by the passing years. Dick Hyman and John Sheridan are veteran sages who have been drawn together over and over to perform dual piano programs, and their abilities to play two pianos as one have been steadily refined over a period of almost fifteen years. Much of the music on this CD is laced with a bittersweet flavor which will charm the listener, and, while all selections are period pieces, all have upon renewed listening a freshness that is timeless." - From the album notes by Jim Cullum, the proprietor of the famous San Antonio restaurant, The Landing, which is the home of his renowned Jim Cullum Jazz Band and the site of the weekly PBS radio show Riverwalk, Live From The Landing.
19283  Dick Hyman and Tom Pletcher If Bix Played Gershwin $15.00 "Bix Beiderbecke and George Gershwin were musical geniuses. Both admired and greatly benefitted from hearing the works of the early 20th century European impressionist composers...Whole tones, the keystone of impressionis, gave jazz a very important ingredient which innovators like Bix and George used to great advantage." -
19155  Dick Hyman Trio Cheek to Cheek $15.00 Doctor Dick Hyman (he was granted an honorary degree in 1996 by Wilkes College), one of the master jazz musicians of our time, debuts as a leader on Arbors Records. His playing is a virtual encyclopedia of the history of jazz piano and if there is a pianist, or for that matter a musician on any instrument, who comes close to doing everything best, it is Dick. The sheer scope of his playing amazes musicians, particularly pianists, and it is enhanced on this recording by his interplay with the members of his trio, Howard Alden on guitar and Bob Haggart on bass. Cheek to Cheek contains the most diverse repertoire ever performed by Dick on a single recording, including works by Thelonious Monk, Billy Strayhorn, John Lewis, Flip Phillips, Bob Haggart, show tunes by Cole Porter, Jerome Kern and Irving Berlin and two originals of his own. It is a virtuoso performance whose subtleties bear repeated listening.
19241  Dick Wellstood A Night in Dublin $15.00 "Dick Wellstood was my very close friend and musical soulmate for 25 years. I heard Dick at his best and at his worst and I can guarantee you that at his worst he was better than most players are at their best. I can also tell you that on this night in Dublin, Ireland, Dick was captured on tape at his best." --Kenny Davern
19188  Dick Wellstood Live at the Sticky Wicket $25.00 This double CD is foot-stomping Dick Wellstood, live and in person, preserving all of the atmosphere and bantering with an audience of jazzers, who had braved the elements to hear one of the piano masters at work and at play, on a November night in 1986 at the Sticky Wicket in Hopkinton, Massachusetts.
19286  Donnie O'Brien Meets Manhattan Swing In a Basie Mood $10.00 Donnie O´Brien, a talented drummer who has worked regularly in the New York area since the early 1970s, makes his recording debut on this meeting with Bucky Pizzarelli, John Bunch and Jay Leonhart, together with saxophone great, Carmen Leggio. The music is very much in a Basie vein with the musicians sounding relaxed, leaving space for each other and swinging lightly, with O´Brien playing with much subtlety and yet with plenty of quiet drive, making for a most enjoyable CD.
19128  Dottie Dodgion Dottie Dodgion Sings $10.00 "Dottie Dodgion, who has carved a fine reputation as a drummer, not only sings, but does it with understanding and a vibrant, singular approach that is infectious and full of surprise-changing the lyric emphasis and taking little turns that are not only pleasing but apropos." -- Stuart Troup (Formerly a jazz critic for New York Newsday and co-author with Woody Herman of his book "The Woodchoppers Ball.")
19320  Earl May The Earl May Quartet, Swinging the Blues $10.00 Earl proves that a tasteful combination of of the three basic elements in music: melody, harmony and rhythm with a fair amount of swing thrown in is always good, no matter what is currently in vogue.
19236  Eddie Higgins Time On My Hands $15.00 "Although the year 2000 marks my 50th year as a professional and I have been recording since 1957, I've never made an entirely solo album. Playing solo piano presents both challenges and opportunities. Obviously, there's no place to hide: you're the rhythm section, the soloist and the arranger all rolled into one, so every note counts. On the other hand, the freedom is complete: if you feel like a change of key, tempo or meter (or even of song!) it's up to you without having to explain anything to anybody. I've been lucky in my career in the sense that I've been able to work solo, duo, trio (a lot), with horns and with singers, one of my favorite formats. All of them have their own delights, but playing solo on a great instrument for an appreciative audience ranks pretty high for me." - Eddie Higgins.
19374  Eddie Metz, Jr Bridging The Gap $15.00 The marvelous swinging drummer, Eddie Metz, Jr., cuts loose with his own trio and two guests. This is a swinging CD, how could it not be with Eddie at the helm.
19406  Ehud Asherie Welcome To New York - Arbors Piano Series, Volume 21 $15.00 In Ehud Asherie you will find many influences, art Tatum, James P. Johnson, Cliff Jackson, Willie 'The Lion' Smith Ralph Sutton and Dave McKenna. You don't tire of Ehud's playing, always interesting.
19234  Engelbert Wrobel's Swing Society Sophisticated Swing $10.00 "It's such a wonderful surprise to put on a CD by a group of musicians you've never even heard of before and suddenly find yourself caught up in a program of music that is so imaginatively conceived and performed with such warmth, skill and swing that by the time the performance ends you've come to feel that you've spent the last hour or so in the company of old friends. That's what happened to me upon first listening to this superb CD by Engelbert Wrobel's Swing Society who make their American debut on this recording....Engelbert and his colleagues are joined on about half the tracks by Dan Barrett, who deserves our thanks not only for his sterling contributions on both trombone and cornet but for bringing the Swing Society to Arbors' attention" -Ross Firestone, author of Swing, Swing, Swing: The Life and Times of Benny Goodman.
19325  Evan Christopher Delta Bound. Featuring Dick Hyman $15.00 Evan is a fine young clarinetist who plays in the New Orleans tradition. Pairing him with Dick Hyman is pure genius. Some wonderful tunes emerged from this session.
19111  Fast Eddie Erickson On Easy Street $10.00 "For this first album of his own Eddie, a virtuoso banjo player, has selected a balanced program of dixieland warhorses, lovely forgotten songs, a couple of nutty novelties and solid swing standards. "Fast Eddie Erickson's debut album is a dandy ?" -- Richard Hadlock, critic, radio host and author of Jazz Masters of the Twenties.
19307  Five Play Five Play... plus $10.00 "As more Listeners in this country and around the world get to hear FIVE PLAY. DIVA, and the growing number of other jazzwomen, the sheer joy and strength of their music will effortlessly bring pleasure - in Duke Ellington liberating phrase - beyond category: This is a CD with swinging joy in the solos and ensembles, ballads that are like overhearing an intimate conversation, one that is full of continual surprises - such is the challenging nature of this music."
From the album notes by Nat Hentoff, celebrated author, journalist and jazz authority who writes about jazz for the Wall Street Journal and Jazz Times
19218  Five Play On the Brink $10.00 Sherrie Maricle, the exciting drummer and leader of the all woman big band, Diva, has assembled a quintet of talented ladies for her band within a band, resulting in a hard driving jazz program with varying moods, rhythms and tempi. But gender has nothing to do with it. As Stanley Kay, the founder of Diva puts it, "if you can play, you can play." And these five can certainly play. - Producer's note.
19281  Flip Phillips Celebrates His 80th Birthday available in CD and DVD $15.00 "There was plenty of hot music served up in the course of Flip's 80th Birthday Party... For those of us lucky enough to have been there, this is a wonderful keepsake, and for those who were not, this might make you feel as though you had. And for all of us, it will remind us that Flip Phillips was a man who loved to play, and made us share that love. Joe - now you're really swinging a melody from the sky!" - Dan Morgenstern, Director of the Institute of Jazz Studies at Rutgers University
0-ARVHS-2  Flip Phillips 80th Birthday Party - The Friday Sessions $20.00 A two hour VHS tape capturing all of the musical excitement of one of the greatest gatherings of Jazz All-Stars ever to appear on video at a single event, as well as a historical interview with Flip Phillips
19308  Flip Phillips Quartet Live at the Beowulf $25.00 Tom Howard, piano and keyboards; Flip Phillips, tenor; Don MacLean, drums; Joe Reichgott, bass. Flip Phillips, who travelled and worked with the greatest musicians and bands in the world from his days with the first Woody Herman Herd, Jazz at the Philharmonic and Benny Goodman tours, had a wonderful three-year run at a club in Florida named the Beowulf. Although the Beowulf no longer exists, the memories of great music linger on in this double CD, recorded in December, 1977 and October, 1978, with Flip at the top of his form playing with his working quartets. All net proceeds from this recording will be donated to the Flip Phillips Scholarship Fund at the University of Miami Florida.
19421  Frank Tate F.Ts Musical Tribute to Bobby Short $15.00 This a wonderful tribute to Bobby Short who played the Cafe Carlyle from 1968 until his death at the age of 80 in 2005.
0-STJC101  Gene Estes In a Sentimental Mood $15.00 "We cherish the warm memories of frequent concerts, club dates and festivals when Geneýs drums and vibes filled the rooms with the sound of his playing and the magic of his arrangements and compositions. That same warmth permeates these final recordings. He was surrounded by fine musicians who acknowledged his skills and felt strong emotional bonds with their ailing colleague. This was, truly, a labor of love." - Floyd Levin (Award winning jazz writer, producer, lyricist and contributor of oral history history interviews to the Jazz Archive at Tulane University)
19249  George Masso Tentet At Long Last Love $10.00 "The musicians must have really enjoyed playing these brilliant charts and they stand as a shining lesson for anyone interested in the arranger's craft. Masso's work fits snugly into the category bounded by the John Kirby band at one end and by the Marty Paich Dektette at the other. In his settings for the horns he shows the foresight of an Al Cohn or a Gerry Mulligan in his awareness of how best to catapult a man into his solo." --Steve Voce, Jazz broadcaster for the BBC and columnist for Jazz Journal International for more than fourty-five years.
19268  George Wein Wein, Women and Song and More, George Wein Plays and Sings $10.00 "As a kid of six or seven years old, I used to sing popular songs with my mother playing the piano... I soon gave up vocalizing for the more instrumental approach to the music, which became my life. I never gave up the thought that I could actually sing a song that people might like. George Frazier's album notes will tell you the story of how I happened to make a vocal album for Atlantic Records... Ruby Braff, Sammy Margolis and Bobby Hackett play brilliantly and the trumpet work of Warren Vache Jr. shines throughout." - George Wein, producer of the Newport Jazz Festival, the JVC Jazz Festival and numerous festivals all over the world as CEO of Festival Productions, Inc., as well as an accomplished pianist, record producer and entrepreneur.
ARCD 19301  Hanna Richardson and Phil Flanigan Simply... with Spirit $10.00 The excellent singer Hanna Richardson has done again with her husband Phil Flanigan. This time they are backed by a solid swinging group. As Ruby Braff said "That's the way to sing - simply and with spirit".
19410  Harry Allen The Harry Allen Quintet Plays Music From The Sound Of Music $15.00 First came the music from South Pacific and Guys and Dolls and now we have the music from The Sound of Music. All the arrangements are by Harry Allen. This is a fine CD swingin' from beginning to end.
ARCD19333  Harry Allen - Joe Cohn Quartet Hey Look Me Over $15.00 The Harry Allen - Joe Cohn band is a high caliber working band, a rarity today. As a result you have some of the finest music on a CD as you can get.
19354  Harry Allen - Joe Cohn Quartet Featuring Special Guests Rebecca Kilgore and Eddie Erickson: Perform Music From Guys And Dolls $15.00 The movie was great, this CD is equally great. With these musicians and vocalists it couldn't be anything but. A marvelous CD with 15 tacks of Frank Loesser's music and lyrics.
19353  Harry Allen - Joe Cohn Quartet Stompin' The Blues $15.00 This is Harry's and Joe's sixth CD and they just keep getting better and better. The special guests only made this CD more special. A marvelous CD.
19176  Herb Pomeroy and Donna Byrne Walking on Air $10.00 "Donna and Herb have drawn on the legacy of their enshrined forebears' musicality and togetherness. They have absorbed the social and musical changes since those days. And they "and their four long-time colleagues on this disc" have found a new and refreshed but still classic and still wonderfully listenable jazz . . . There's a oneness as well as twoness in marriages and in music, when a voice and a horn are always there for each other, in today's clich', and also give each other space. Think of Lee Wiley and Bobby Hackett. Think of Billie Holiday and Lester Young. Then think again. It's half a century later. When Billie sings No More she's a woman turning from a no-good man with aching resignation. In Donna's No More you know this woman is going to slam the door and have a life." - Roderick Nordell
19401  Howard Alden I Remember Django $15.00
19340  Howard Alden & Ken Peplowski Pow-Wow $15.00 Two Masters of their instruments produce more music that a full band. Dazzling interplay by these two fine musicians.
19280  Howard Alden - Dan Barrett Quintet Live in '95 $10.00 "A standout performance which for the first time captures the vitality and surprise of the ABQ's live dates; diverse material performed in a fresh manner with a breathtaking blend of swing, melody and harmony. Guest vocalist Terrie Richards Alden is a definite plus" - Zan Stewart
19280  Howard Alden-Dan Barrett Quintet Live in 1995 $15.00 A standout performance which for the first time captures the vitality and surprise of the ABQ'a live dates, diverse material in a fresh manner with a breathtaking blend of swing, melody and harmony.
19225  International All-Star Band A Portrait of Duke $10.00 "The Ellington Centennial ... focused new attention on the maestro and inspired a welcome flurry of releases -- both reissues and newly recorded tributes. In the wake of this activity, one would be hard-pressed to conceive a fresh approach for another Ellington project. Yet this truly international ensemble of accomplished players has managed to do just that through its varied repertoire (covering four decades of Ellingtonia), imaginative arrangements and inventive solos." -- Ed Berger, Associate Director of the Institute of Jazz Studies at Rutgers University.
19199  Irvin Stokes Just Friends $10.00 "This recording gives long overdue recognition to Irvin Stokes, the superb jazz trumpeter, who is at his best now. In his seventies, he only gets better with age. His solos make sense, convey passion and are well placed over good harmonic knowledge. His playing has been hailed by his colleague, the late Doc Cheatham, and if Doc was the Eubie Blake of the late 20th century, then perhaps Irvin Stokes is to be the Doc Cheatham of the 21st." - From the album notes by Phil Schaap, multi-Grammy winning jazz historian and the host of a popular radio show on WKCR in New York City.
19150-51  Jack Teagarden, featuring Jackie Coon The Club Hangover Broadcasts featuring Jackie Coon $25.00 "This is Jack Teagarden and his 1954 band - warts, goosebumps and all. It's live stuff, remember, not controlled studio music. But in these four vintage programs there are enough splendid moments of major league jazz to suggest that issuing them at last is more than merely a pleasing proposition. And let's not forget that exciting new guy in the group, trumpeter Jackie Coon." - Richard Hadlock (Author, Jazz Masters of the Twenties)
ARCD 19119  Jackie Coon The Joys of New Orleans $10.00 Arbors Records is donating 100% of the proceeds from sales of this recording to the JAZZ FOUNDATION OF AMERICA for the benefit of New Orleans musician's relief. Please spread the word about this recording.
19110  Jackie Coon Jazzin' with Jackie $10.00 "Jackie Coon, at his best, playing relaxed but swinging music with some old friends. Whether it be called New Orleans jazz, dixieland, small group swing or straightahead, Jackie Coon's variety of melodic jazz is very easy to enjoy and extremely difficult to resist. Although he emphasizes the middle register of his horn and has a soft and mellow tone, Jackie's subtle solos are full of inner fire, effortless swing and surprising twists." - Scott Yanow, regular contributor to numerous jazz publications for more than 15 years.
19162  Jackie Coon and his Pals Softly $10.00 Jackie Coon's relaxed, lyrical jazz is again front and center in a swinging program of jazz classics. "Jackie Coon is a master of the fluegelhorn. The seemingly effortless, fast-flowing and beautifully lyrical inventions Jackie evokes from his fluegelhorn border on the miraculous. In Jackie's hands, the music - the melody or the variations on it - is astonishingly lovely. He and his pals have created a quite special jazz sound, gentle, light on its feet, creative, exciting and wonderfully satisfying." - From the album notes of Charles Champlin, retired arts editor and columnist of the Los Angeles Times, and a noted jazz critic and writer.
19423  Jacob Fischer Guitarist $15.00 This superbly gifted Danish guitarist is influenced by Django Reinhrard, Jimmy Ramey, Grant Green and Wes Montgomery. He is, however, his "Own man" and it shows in his wonderful playing. Backed by a great group, this is one fine, swinging CD.
19189  Jane Jarvis Atlantic - Pacific $10.00 Jane Jarvis swings with all-stars from the Atlantic and the Pacific. "The New York session emphasizes Jane's and Benny's composing, while the West Coast date has a Hoagy Carmichael/Cole Porter theme. Each side has a stray composer or two thrown in for good measure. The unifying element is the lovely Ms. Jarvis (who loves colors), and her adaptable swinging fingers." - Sunsh Stein, freelance writer and contributor to jazz publications.
19152  Jane Jarvis Jams Jane Jarvis Jams $10.00 "This recording brings to the fore the piano talents of a remarkably accomplished artist, joined by three master musicians who can invent, seemingly, at will, and think as one while retaining their own musical personalities and identities. The result brings to mind John Hammond's famous definition of jazz: Collective improvisation, rhythmically integrated. - Producer's note
19420  Janet Carroll Lady Be Good $15.00 Janet Carroll the singer/actress can boast of a resume of movie and TV credits a mile long, including major role on Broadway in the hit "Little Women". Here is is backed by a group a very talented musicians.
19332  Jay Geils - Gerry Beaudoin The Kings Of Strings $10.00 Two veteran guitarists, Jay Geils and Gerry Beaudoin, also known as "The Kings Of Strings", welcome the phenomenal youngster Aaron Weinstein. Beaudoin is the Grammy nominated guitarist and Jay Geils is the founder of the R&R band J. Geils Band. A swingin collecton of tunes.
19324  Jeff Barnhart In My Solitude $15.00 The talented Jeff Barnhart plays in a variety of piano styles.
19213  Jerry Jerome Something Borrowed, Something Blue $25.00 Jerry Jerome is fondly remembered as the jazz tenor man in the first Glenn Miller orchestra and in the top-of-the-line big bands of Red Norvo, Benny Goodman and Artie Shaw in the late '30s and early '40s, but that is only part of the story. To the great pleasure and wonderment of all, Jerry was still going strong and, in many ways, playing better than ever as the Something Blue portion of this 2-CD set, made shortly before his 89th birthday, so eloquently attests. In the Something Borrowed CD, Jerry is showcased on a treasure trove of rare recordings spanning the period from 1939 to 1964 in the company of some of the outstanding musicians of the period. Adding to the enjoyment are Jerry's spoken introductions to each group of historic selections making this a unique autobiographical document. -Producer's Note
19168  Jerry Jerome Something Old, Something New $25.00 Jerry Jerome is fondly remembered as the jazz tenor man in the first Glenn Miller orchestra and the top-of-the-line big bands of Red Norvo, Benny Goodman and Artie Shaw, until he left the big bands in 1941 to pursue studio work and a sucessful jingles business. The "Something Old" part of this set brings together a batch of rarities made by Jerry between 1939 and the early '60s, providing a generous sampling of Jerry's marvelous LesterYoung-inspired tenor saxophone, contributions from such stellar friends and associates as Charlie Christian, Teddy Wilson, Charlie Shavers, Yank Lawson, Bobby Hackett, Red Allen and Tyree Glenn, and Jerry's spoken introductions, making this a unique autobiographical document. The "Something New" CD was recorded in 1996 with a first-rate supporting cast of Randy Sandke, George Masso, Dick Hyman, Bucky Pizzarelli, Bob Haggart and Joe Ascione and reveals that Jerry is playing better than ever. Together, the two CDs form a musical portrait of a splendid musician who has never lost his enthusiasm for jazz and has never stopped swinging. - Producer's note.
ARCD19384  Jessica Molaskey A Kiss To Build A Dream On $15.00 America's first family of music, Jessica is married to John, cuts loose on 15 tracks of mostly standards. This CD is a joy and a must have.
19441  Jessica Molaskey and Dave Frishberg At The Algonquin $15.00 What could be better than a deligthful evening at the Algonquin's Oak Room featuring these two great artists. The setting is intimate and so is their reportoire,
19359  Joe Ascione Movin' Up! $15.00 What can you say about Joe Ascione that hasn't been said before. Joe is one of the prenier drummers on the scene today. He is axceptionally fast, has impeccable taste and always swings. To make it even better, he has picked some fine sidemen for the CD.
19329  Joe Cohn Restless $15.00 Joe Cohn is one of the finest guitarists on the scene today, his playing is always impeccable. Here is Joe with some mighty fine company, playing eleven great tunes.
19161  Joel Helleny Lip Service $10.00 "For a number of years now, Joel "Hell" Helleny, the astonishing trombone player at the head of this sparkling, swinging, hand-picked little group, has been earning unambiguous admiration from his circle of fellow musicians in New York and jolting hard-boiled jazz club audiences into actual attention as soon as he gets a few bars into his solo. A natural jazz player like Zoot Sims or Roy Eldridge, Helleny brings a vast, roomy imagination, an instinctive concentration, an absolute freshness of conception and a great melodic gift to whatever he is playing." - Peter Straub, Author of Ghost Story, Koko, The Hellfire Club, and other novels.
19261  John Allred & Wycliffe Gordon Head To Head $15.00 "Still in their 30s, John Allred and Wycliffe Gordon may just be the next great trombone team. They combine youth and experience to bring both a fresh eye to the music and a healthy respect for the mainstream jazz tradition. The melodies may be familiar, but the performances are continually challenging, exciting and deeply felt. Once you've listened to this CD once, the best thing to do is go back and listen to it again, all the way from the start. This time, notice that extra something that only the finest musicians can give their music. "It's about playing from the heart, playing with real feeling," says Allred. "You can't teach someone to play with soul." from the album notes by Matt Schudel, jazz writer for the (Fort-Lauderdale) South Florida Sun Sentinel
19115  John Allred Quartet In The Beginning ... $10.00 John Allred, the famous trombone-playing son of a famous trombone-playing father, Bill Allred, performs a swinging blend of jazz standards, some seldom-heard tunes and his own originals, in his first album as leader. "This is an excellent CD. Not only every trombonist, but every musician should listen to John Allred and his fine quartet. Once you hear John, you will never forget him. He is on his way to greatness." - Louie Bellson, described by Duke Ellington as "the world's greatest drummer."
19376  John Bunch The John Bunch Ttrio With Guest Frank Wess - Play The Music of Irving Berlin (except one) $15.00 The elegant and swinging pianist John Bunch has recorded again for Arbors. Like the previous CDs on Arbors, this one does not disappoint. It swing from beginning to end!
19184  John Bunch John Bunch Solo $10.00 "It seems to me that John Bunch is, among his many other qualities, a melodist of the first order. Surely he reaches a delightful detente between melody and imagination with the 18 mostly familiar tunes on this CD and he does it in the most demanding way possible, solo and without discarding the melodies. Running the chords will not do here." -- John McDonough (John McDonough's jazz writing can be regularly found in Down Beat and often in the Wall Street Journal.)
19272  John Bunch with Dave Green and Steve Brown A Special Alliance $15.00 "John Bunch is a man who was once dubbed 'The Fred Astaire of the piano' and it goes without saying that these performances swing. Few pianists possess a surer grasp of rhythm, and every piece here is marked with a knowing sense of restraint. The result is a devastating performance, full of wit power and grace. And there are constant surprises in the programming." - Clive Davis, who writes on the arts for The London Times
19157  John Bunch With Phil Flanigan Struttin' $10.00 "Before he discovered Bud Powell, as many pianists did in the mid-'40s, John grew up admiring Teddy Wilson and Fats Waller. His marvelous touch and overall grace at the keyboard still reflect the Wilson heritage while the felicitous lines and sophisticated harmonies of bebop continue the Powell influence. He was old enough to appreciate the old masters, young enough to make the transition to the new music of the time, and endowed with the artistic intelligence to forge a cogent expression of his own ... There are ways to swing at virtually any tempo, and Bunch knows them all." -- Ira Gitler (Internationally renowned author, jazz journalist and encyclopedist, author of Jazz Masters of the '40s, and Swing to Bop.)
19226  John Bunch, Jay Leonhart, Bucky Pizzarelli Manhattan Swing - A Visit With the Duke $15.00 "When we are playing together as a trio, Bucky and John and I will occasionally play an entire set of Ellington / Strayborn songs. The set goes on and on, gently winding through the famous and not as famous compositions of these two brilliant composers. Very often a quiet comes over the audience as the songs roll along, and soon you'd think you were at a service in church. And we actually are, honoring the Archangel of American music, Duke Ellington." -- Jay Leonhart
19417  John Cocuzzi Groove Merchant $15.00 One of the best vibe players today, John Cocuzzi, backed by a stellar group, swings through 13 tracks of great tunes, some not heard very often. Greta CD!
19397  John Sheridan Hooray For Christmas - Dream Band $15.00
19339  John Sheridan and his Dream Band. Swing Is Still King $15.00 Another exciting recording from Sheridan's Dream Band Series. No weak sisters here!
19309  John Sheridan John Sheridan (ldr, p & voc [Tr.8], Randy Reinhart (ct) Russ Phillips (tb) Ron Hockett (cl) Scott Robinson (ts) Phil Flanigan (b) Bob Leary (g) Joe Ascione (dr) Becky Kilgore (v0c - Tr 3,5 7,10,11,13,14,15) $15.00 This is the fourth CD by the Dream Band and the finest to date. John's band is always superb and when you add Becky Kilgore, you have a winner!
19214  John Sheridan They Can't Take That Away From Me $15.00 "His solo style is his own, often sophisticated, sometimes rambunctious, thoroughly grounded in swinging mainstream jazz. He has excellent keyboard command, incorporating a powerfully rhythmic left hand and swinging, fluid ideas coming from his right." - Ted des Plantes, whose articles appear frequently in The Mississippi Rag, from his album notes describing John Sheridan, the brilliant pianist and arranger with Jim Cullum's Jazz Band, heard on the National Public Radio show "Riverwalk."
  John Sheridan Hooray For Christmas - Dream Band $15.00
19182  John Sheridan and his All-Star "Dream Band" Something Tells Me $15.00 A trip down memory lane as John Sheridan and his hand-picked all-star musical friends explore his arrangements of swing era classics by Richard Whiting and Harry Warren, with a few bonus treats added.
19215  John Sheridan and his Dream Band Dream Band, Make Me Dream Some More $15.00 "This is small-combo swing at its best: tight but informal, alluding to earlier times, styles, stylists and recordings, yet fresh as the next century." - Philip Elwood, a long-time respected writer on jazz, is the Lively Arts Critic and a columnist for the San Francisco Examiner.
19262  John Sheridan and His Dream Band featuring Becky Kilgore Get Rhythm In Your Feet $15.00 "The Dream Band's third release, Get Rhythm In Your Feet, is on the same high level as the first two, and in some ways is the best of the trio...John Sheridan's Dream Band looks back towards The Swing Era and the classic groups of that era without directly copying any of them. Mixing together written and jammed ensembles with concise solos and Becky Kilgore's joyful vocals, the Sheridan Dream Band is carving out its own legacy within the current classic jazz scene." - Scott Yanow, the Editor of the 3rd edition of The All Music Guide to Jazz and author of six jazz books including Trumpet Kings, Swing and Classic Jazz
19278  John Sheridan Trio Artistry 3 $15.00 John Sheridan, piano; David Stone, bass; Tony DeNicola, drums.

The scope of this CD's selections is astonishing and Sheridan displays his great sensitivity on this excellent collection of vintage tunes, with superb arrangements, bass and drum work, and elegant engineering. Sheridan has a light keyboard touch which he punctuates with firm emphasis; and being able to slide smoothly from pianissimo to fortissimo gives him a chance to shade his harmonies, emphasize or de-emphasize rhythms, and swing effortlessly. From the album notes by the noted jazz writer Philip Elwood

19258  Johnny Frigo Johnny Frigo's DNA Exposed! $15.00 "To me Johnny Frigo is a bit of a miracle. Here he is, an octogenarian - he´ll be 85 in December - he still plays technically perfectly and with undiminished energy, enthusiasm and inventiveness - at an age when most fiddlers, and musicians in general, have long ago hung up their instruments in the nearest closet. Indeed, when Johnny plays with other (almost always much younger) musicians, it is he who galvanizes the group, who never lets their energy flag, who always picks up the next tune, who leads the background riffing, and who never wants to stop playing." - Gunther Schuller,both classical and jazz musician, musicologist, educator, music publisher, composer and conductor and the author of Early Jazz: Its Roots and Early Development (Oxford) and The Swing Era: The Development of Jazz, 1930-1945 (Oxford). He has the unusual distinction of performing on the french horn with the Metropolitan Opera Orchestra as well as the Miles Davis "Birth of the Cool" nonet.
19419  Johnny Mandel The Man and His Music $15.00 Johnny conducts The DIVA Jazz Orchestra in a series of his own compositions (10 Tracks)and the remainder by others. All odd nubered tracks are Johnny speaking. A Marvelous CD with a true leghend in the music business.
ARCD19362  Johnny Varro The Johnny Varro Swing 7: Ring Dem Bells $15.00 Another one in the Swing Series. If you liked the others, this one is not going to let you down. This is one swinging CD as only Johnny could put out.
19418  Johnny Varro Speak Low $15.00 One of the most elegant swinging pianists on the scene today with some marvelous band members with him, cuts loose on 14 tracks of unforgettable tunes.
19292  Johnny Varro The Two Of Us $15.00 Arbors Piano Series, Volume 12
19178  Johnny Varro Say Yes $15.00 Johnny Varro, one of the jazz piano greats, performs some of his old favorites and a few rarely played anywhere in his first solo piano album in many years.
19138  Johnny Varro Swing 7 $15.00 "The music has a propulsive, swinging, lilting charm that is the hallmark of great chamber jazz. Johnny's charts have an intricacy that can be thrilling, ever witty now and again, and that confirms a devout conviction that most of us share that, among its many enchantments, jazz can be beautiful." - Charles Champlin, the longtime and now retired arts editor and columnist of the Los Angeles Times.
19114  Johnny Varro Everything I Love $15.00 One of the piano masters demonstrates what piano jazz is all about in a program of swinging improvisations. "The pianist is the star of this well-balanced team whose warm rapport makes this trio exceptional. Varro swings urgently, is never at a loss for ideas, and exhibits an extraordinary gift for making everything sound as easy as falling off a log, something that communicates very agreeably to the listener." - Stanley Dance, jazz producer, critic and author of seven books, including "The World of Duke Ellington" and "The World of Swing."
19243  Johnny Varro Quartet All That Jazz With Jon-Erik Kellso $10.00 "Varro resuscitates the jam combo tradition of the '30s and '40s and here fronts what could have been, in 1945, a major attraction on the 52nd Street jam scene. All of the ingredients are present. One of a small handful of contemporary trumpeters who posesses a close affinity to the giants of the pre-bop era, Jon-Erik Kellso was the perfect choice for this session. With a style chiseled from the Louis Armstrong of the 1920's and '30s, Kellso sought even further to find other related sources of inspiration. On the performances heard here, with his readily identifiable, burry tone and characteristic mastery of lyrical, thematically based improvisations, Kellso effortlessly, and perhaps even unconsciously, incorporates fleeting allusions to many of his predecessors." - Jack Sohmer, record and book reviewer for such publications as The Mississippi Rag, Down Beat, JazzTimes and Cadence
19242  Johnny Varro Swing 7 Swingin' On West 57th St. $10.00 "The Johnny Varro Swing Seven has set standards of imaginative repertoire and musical prowess which are high, indeed. The listener new to this band will treasure the eclectic tune list (including composers from Frederic Chopin to Johnny Hodges) as well as the freshness and verve of the players. Those who are already fans of this septet will be thrilled anew as the musical surprises unfold, and will join this writer in replaying this album and savoring each moment." - Duncan Schiedt, a veteran jazz photographer, archivist and author since 1939.
19198  Johnny Varro Swing 7 Afterglow $15.00 "This musical program recalls the Swing Era at its finest. For many jazz lovers, the small bands of that period represented the finest flowering of the genre, and it is to these vital little groups that Varro and his colleagues pay homage." - Duncan Schiedt, veteran writer and photgrapher of jazz since 1939.
19293  Johnny Varro Trio Pure Imagination $15.00 "On the evidence of the music on Pure Imagination and his notable series of Arbors records, Johnny Varro is still very music in his musical prime, ranking at the top of swing pianists and consistently succeeding at keeping the vintage music he loves alive and infectious." - Scott Yanow
19346  Jon-Erik Kellso Blue Roof Blues. A Love Letter To New Orleans $15.00 A joy to listen to Jon-Erik, both on familiar tunes and his own original compositions. We especially single out "Blue Roof Blues". A loving tribute to New Orleans and its rich history.
19160  Jon-Erik Kellso Chapter 2 The Plot Thickens $15.00
19428  Keith Ingham Rockin' In Rhyrthm $15.00 Keith is one of the swingiest pianist on the scene today. 14 tracks of well known songs played exquisitely. A marvelous CD!
ARCD19315  Kenny Davern Kenny Davern Quartet: Live in Concert at the Outpost Performance Space $15.00 The naster Clarinettist does it again with a magnificient live performance. An outstanding recording.
19238  Kenny Davern A Night with Eddie Condon $15.00 "Good music never goes out of fashion as this concert of nearly thirty years ago proves. The irreplaceable Eddie Condon was a man, who with the right guys, could make it happen for both the musicians and the audience as he did that night in Syracuse. We'll not see his like again. Thank you Eddie for your integrity and taste, all the music and all opportunities you tenaciously pursued to bring jazz to a wider audience." --Brian Peerless, British jazz writer, producer and promoter; contributor to the New Grove Dictionary of Jazz and long-time friend of Kenny Davern.
19207  Kenny Davern Smiles $15.00 "This is music for living with, easy listening jazz (with none of the pejorative connotations of that phrase) from the Irish/Jewish soul of a story-telling reedman. If it doesn't put smiles on your face each time you play it, tatela, I'll be very surprised begorrah." - Ira Gitler (Ira Gitler teaches Jazz History at the Manhattan School of Music. His weekly column appears on the Internet at Jazz Central Station. He also contributes to JazzTimes and Down Beat. The Encyclopedia of Jazz, by Leonard Feather and Ira Gitler will be published in the Fall of 1999 by Oxford University Press.)
19170  Kenny Davern Breezin? Along $10.00 "The Davern clarinet - one of the signature sounds in the jazz of our time ' has never sounded better than in this fresh and stimulating setting of two guitars, bass and drums . . . a happy session of collective music-making at its best." - Dan Morgenstern, Director of the Institute of Jazz Studies at Rutgers University.
19328  Kenny Davern and Bob Wilber The Soprano Summit in 1975 and More $15.00 The pairing of Davern and Wilber was absolute sheer genius! These are recordings that have never been released before. Thanks to Dan Morgenstern, the NJ Jazz Society and Doug Pomeroy we are now able to hear these recordings from live performances. These are an absolute treat!
19137  Kenny Davern and his Jazz Band East Side, West Side $10.00 "Acclaimed clarinetist Kenny Davern, effortlessly spinning out brilliantly articulate lines that often nudge the outer limits of his horn's tonal range, has brought a very select group of fine jazzmen to the studio to carry out his musical designs." - Floyd Levin (Award winning jazz writer, producer, lyricist and contributor of oral history interviews to the Jazz Archive at Tulane University).
ARCD19317  Kenny Davern and Ken Peplowski Dialogues $15.00 The late great Kenny Davern and Ken Peplowski is a summit meeting of two of the best clarinetists in the business. Add the rest of the musicians and you have a great CD.
19246  Kenny Davern and Ken Peplowski The Jazz KENNection $10.00 "The warmth and guile that the two Kens show underline the fact that they both possess that elusive quality that jazz musicians call "time" - the ability to impart a swinging impetus to every phrase they play. Great though the solos are on these recordings, it is the interplay between the two K's that elevates the session to heights way above the norm. The surging chases they create are filled with a spirit and invention that is guaranteed to restore the faith of anyone who feels that swinging jazz is losing ground. The music that this group plays has a blend of feeling, rhythm and spontaneity that will never date." - John Chilton, British trumpeter who divides his time between leading his own touring band, The Feetwarmers, and writing about jazz. His books include The Who's Who of Jazz, and biographies of Louis Armstrong, Henry Allen, Sidney Bechet, Bob Crosby, Coleman Hawkins, Billie Holiday and Louis Jordan.
19147  Kenny Davern and the Rhythm Men Kenny Davern and the Rhythm Men $10.00 "There are musicians who can play some jazz, then there are the real jazz musicians. Clarinettist Kenny Davern is most decidedly one of the latter. A more dedicated performer and enthusiast would be difficult to find. His conviction and passion are amply demonstrated on this recording, which not only illustrates the art of small group, no frills jazz playing, but gives the listener sixty minutes of undiluted musical pleasure with Davern and his friends in peak form." - Brian Peerless, British jazz writer, producer and promoter, contributor to the New Grove Dictionary of Jazz, and friend of Kenny Davern for more than 20 years.
19296  Kenny Davern Quartet at the Mill House Playhouse $15.00 Celebrating 50 years of recording with Chirillo, Cohen and DiNicola
19267  Kings of Jazz featuring Kenny Davern Live In Concert 1974 $10.00 This recording, taped for posterity in Sweden by Leif Karlsson, makes it possible nearly thirty years later for the world to enjoy some of the scintillating performances by the Kings of Jazz, a group hand-picked by Pee Wee Irwin not only for their outstanding ability as soloists but also for their team playing to form an excellent ensemble. It also gives us the chance to hear Kenny Davern at the peak of his powers on soprano saxophone, an instrument that lamentedly he no longer plays, in performances that he considers some of his best ever on record. Producer's Note
19220  Larry Eanet Quartet featuring Ron Hocket Sunset Stomp $10.00 "Larry Eanet is, as Barbara Lea has called him and your ears will confirm, "a world class pianist." He is also one of the best kept secrets in jazz, though this wonderful CD should go a long way to changing all that. Lucidity, elegance, a highly developed sense of form and, above all, a swinging lyricism and contagious joyfulness are the hallmarks of his playing. Featured on reeds is the brilliant multi-instrumentalist, Ron Hockett, who is equally compelling on clarinet, soprano and tenor saxophones. He has an approach to his instruments that I find utterly irresistible and leaves me saying "Ron, I want to hear some more, man!" - From the album notes of Ross Firestone, author of the award winning Swing, Swing, Swing: The Life and Times of Benny Goodman.
19367  Larry Ham Just Me, Just You $15.00 In the words of Nat Hentoff: Larry creates a kaleidoscope of what he has absorbed in his multi-dimensional education os one of jazz's indispensible sidemen.
19442  Louis Mazetier My Own Stuff $15.00 The fabulous French Stride Pianist playing 17 tracks of his own tunes. Louis is the best Stride Pianist on the scene today and he swings!
19361  Louis Mazetier Tributes, Portraits and Other Stories $15.00 The remarkable French stride pianist cuts loose 22 swinging tracks. One of the best stride pianists on the scene today. If you like stride piano, this is a must.
19129  Magnificent VII The Newport Beach Session $10.00 The Magnificent VII shares several qualities with the beloved World's Greatest Jazz Band of the 1970's. The WGJB was quite an all-star band; their music looked backwards toward both the Bob Crosby Bobcats and Eddie Condon's many bands yet was fresh and vital with a point of view of its own that was not directly copying the past; quite a few memorable recordings resulted which found the distinctive soloists inspiring each other. All of those fact equally apply to the Mag VII. -- Paraphrased from the album notes by Scott Yanow, who has been writing about jazz since 1975 and is the main editor of the All Music Guide to Jazz.
19123  Magnificent VII Live at the Hilton $10.00 Sweeten your holiday season with this tasty collection of jazz treats. This is Christmas as you have never tasted it before. Rick Fay and his friends have made another fine album, this time recorded at a Sunday afternoon concert in St. Petersburg, Florida, at the Hilton Hotel, on December 6, 1992. "The Magnificent VII features Rick's favorite front line, Jon-Erik Kellso, Chuck Hedges and Dan Barrett, and a superb rhythm section: Bob Haggart, Johnny Varro and Gene Estes. The audience was clearly delighted with the music, and the musicians were obviously enjoying themselves and each other."
19351  Maria Anadon A Jazzy Way, featuring Five Play's Women of the World $10.00 Maria is a Portuguese vocalist steeped in the Potuguese/Brazilian musical idioms. Here she is proving she is also familar with the Great American Songbook. Backed by the superb women from Five Play, this CD is sure to please.
ARCD19319  Marty Grosz and his Hot Combination $15.00 Marty Grosz displays his wit and wisdom, not to mention his musicality, in company with a collection of hot all-stars. Featured for the first time on record are his celebrated stories of the Gigolo and why Englishmen can't sing the blues.
19427  Marty Grosz Marty Grosz and The Hot Winds: The James P. Johnson Songbook $15.00 Mining the tunes of James P. Johnson, some famous, some lesser known, Marty and the band brings back to life with fresh original arrangements. What a joy to hear these songs.
19240  Maurice Hines I've Never Been in Love Before $10.00 "Maurice is a new voice in jazz. In I've Never Been In Love Before, he takes you on a journey through the peaks and valleys of a love affair. On this particular trip, Maurice is joined by two combinations, both comprised of the most exciting and accomplished musicians that any singer could be fortunate enough to have on his team. Such gifted accompanists as Frank Owens, Bob Cranshaw, Joe Wilder, Frank Wess, Joe Shepley and Sherrie Maricle know exactly how to inspire, cajole and guide Maurice through the ups and downs of love - the experiences that all of us have and will go through in life" -Will Friedwald, the author of Jazz Singing and Sinatra! The Song Is You, and co-author with Tony Bennett of The Good Life.
19211  Michael Moore and his Trio The History of Jazz, Volume 1 $10.00 The transparent yet rich sonic ambiance created by this threesome of Michael Moore, Ken Peplowski and Tom Melito is awesome: fresh, uncluttered, and with remarkable textural variety. The taste, skill and ideas of Moore and Peplowski mesh perfectly, and since they take turns playing the roles of lead voice and accompanist, listening to them provides the kind of kicks you can get from operatic duets, or chamber music interplay. From the album notes by Dan Morgenstern, Director of the Institute of Jazz Studies at Rutgers University.
19256  Michael Moore Trio The History of Jazz Vol. 2 - Dedications $10.00 A beyond category recording ranging over even more expansive terrain than Volume 1. Featured are no less than six originals by Michael Moore, each inspired by a particular musician dear to his heart, reflected in the disc's subtitle, Dedications. Peplowski calles them "Michael's abstract paintings of the musicians" and describes this CD as "one of the most creative projects I've ever been involved with." Michael Moore said "Ken and I both like to play the history of the music. It depends on who you're playing with. Songs you've played before can feel new, challenging and wide open." - from the album notes by Ira Gitler, author of Masters of Bebop (formerly Jazz Masters of the Forties), and co-author with Leonard Feather of The Biographical Encyclopedia of Jazz.
19294  Michiko Ogawa Trio It's All About Love - featuring Harry Allen $10.00 Voted "Best CD for 2003" by Jazz Journal International. Special Guest: Harry Allen. Ogawa (p) Phil Flanigan (b) Eddie Metz, Jr (dr).
19335  Nicki Parrott and Rossano Sportiello People Will Say We're In Love $15.00 Not only is Nicki charmning but she plays the bass exquisitly and to top it all off, she sing like an angel. Rossanno's fine piano doesn't hurt either. W onderful CD!
19358  Nik Payton and Bob Wilber Swinging the Changes $15.00 Nik is one of Bob students, and how well he has learned. This is a most enjoyable swinging CD that will have you coming back for more. A Beauty!
19342  Norm Kubrin I Thought About You $10.00 Norm is a fine pianist who has played all the great clubs and hotels in NYC and elsewhere. A great interpreter of the great American Song Book.
19217  Palm Beach Society Orchestra When You're Smiling $10.00 "It is a pleasure to write liner notes for a band I know as well as this one. When I retired from Disney this is the group I was playing with at the Grand Floridian Hotel in Orlando's Disney World. They sound better than ever. Despite their important sounding title this is one o the best and most innovative Dixie bands you'd ever want to hear." - Rick Fay, musician, composer, poet and writer, who was the inspiration for starting Arbors Records and a major music influence until his untimely passing in 1999.
19130  Pee Wee Russell Pee Wee's Song: The Music of Pee Wee Russell $10.00 "This is a tribute album to Pee Wee Russell and to the music that he wrote, which undeservedly has fallen into obscurity, as well as to the late Bob Hilbert, whose book Pee Wee Russell: The Life of a Jazzman, was the inspiration for this recording. Featured is Bobby Gordon, whose special insight into Russell's playing has captured its subtle nuances of sound and phrasing, far beyond mere imitation, and made him uniquely qualified to do justice to this most original of players
19230  Peter Ecklund Gigs $10.00 For the gourmet, memories may be of a restaurant serving a perfect meal; for the aesthete, of a place where a colorful sunset was observed; but for the musician, memories are of those moments when great music was made or heard. Peter Ecklund has here set down some of his remembrances culled from a long career of playing "gigs." - Producer's Note
19347  Phil Bodner The Clarinet Virtuosity of Phil Bodner: Once More With Feeling $15.00 One of the most recorded jazz musicians, Phil Bodner's virtuosity was simply astounding. His playing was always exciting and interesting.
19209  Pizzarellis, Bucky and John Contrasts $15.00 "A classic duet by father and son, Bucky and John, two masters of the guitar. They are so simpatico, father and son, that it's sometimes hard to tell when one leaves off and the other begins. Bucky performs with sensitivity and style and John proves that the apple doesn't fall far from the tree." - From the album notes by Tony Mottola, himself a legendary guitarist.
19295  Professor Peter O'Brien Jazz Piano of a Celtic Soul $10.00 Arbors Piano Series, Volume 12
19297  Ralph Sutton Wondrous Piano, The Private Family Recordings, 1961 $15.00 "The master tapes to this session have been locked away for the past 42 years in the family archives of Barbara Sutton Curtis, Ralph Sutton's sister. Only a few people have ever heard them and they have never previously been made public. Having listened to Ralph since he first came to New York in 1946, it is my opinion that no recording studio ever produced a session with Ralph as good as this! There were no requirements about what he should play and he played everything he felt like playing. Even better, most of his selections are tunes he had either never recorded or were only recorded once: Barbara, who had been listening to Ralph play since the very beginning, feels that these are among the happiest, most swinging things she has ever heard him play. And after hearing this CD I think you'll agree. What a talent Ralph was! He played wondrous piano and he is sadly missed." Hal Curtis, Ralph's brother-in-law.
ARCD19284  Ralph Sutton and Dick Cary Rendezvous at Sunnie's 1969 $15.00 A previously unreleased memorable performance by two Jazz legends. From 1969 at a live performance at Sunnie's Rendezvous in Aspen, CO.
19245  Ralph Sutton and Johnny Varro A Pair of Kings $15.00 "One night while talking with my good friend Johnny Varro I asked him how he would like to play with Ralph. Johnny didn't hesitate with his reply: "Sure! We have played together before". Then it was a quick call to Ralph and his reply was typical: "Yeah man!" And so it came about that one of my life's dreams came true." --Producer, Gunnar A. Jacobsen
2  Ralph Sutton and Ruby Braff Remembered $20.00 Ruby Braff and Ralph Sutton played together many times for more than 52 years, but until now there has been no commerically available visual record of their performances. It is with great pleasure, therefore, that we present some rare videos taken by Don Wolff of their appearance at the Mid-America Jazz Festival in St. Louis, Missouri in 1988, and of their last performance together, which took place at the 2001 March of Jazz Party presented by Arbors Records. What follows are two magical occasions for your viewing and listening pleasure. As Dan Morgenstern puts it in his performance notes, "the whole DVD is a highlight - and how could it not be with Ruby and Ralph up front!"
19313  Randy Reinhart Randy Reinhart at the Mill Mill Playhouse: As Long As I Live $15.00 Randy Reinhart gathered up some stellar friends for this session. The result is just fantastic!
19365  Randy Sandke Unconventional Wisdom $15.00 Here are four players in peek form, considered among the best in the business. This CD is an absolute joy and even more so with Parrot's vocalese.
19330  Ray Kennedy Trio Plays the Music of Arthur Schwartz $15.00 Ray is the consumate pianist to interpret the music of Arthur Schwartz. This is a swinging CD with the added extra of Joe Cohn, and let's not forget Tom Kennedy and Miles Vandiver.
19133  Ray Sherman At The Keyboard $10.00
19356  Rebecca Kilgore and Dave Frishberg Why Fight The Feeling? The Songs Of Frank Loesser $15.00 Another one of their collaboration of many years. Necky is the consumate singer, on pitch and enunciates clearly. Dave, the most sympathetic accompanist, can bring Rebecca to new heights! Always a joy to hear those two together.
19255  Rebecca Kilgore and Dave Frishberg The Starlit Hour $15.00 "Rebecca Kilgore is the real thing. She swings all right, without noticeable effort, which is what swing is about - think not just of Ella Fitzgerald and Maxine Sullivan but of instrumentalists such as Johnny Hodges, Bobby Hackett and Zoot Sims. Her pitch is so sure that you never find yourself thinking about it; it never becomes an issue, the way it does with singers whose intonation is less certain. This is surely a natural gift, along with her good time and good ear. Appearing with Dave Frishberg, best known now as a singer-songwriter, but present here in his secret identity of accompanist and solo pianist, they were recorded live on the final night of their longstanding gig at the Heathman Hotel in Portland, Oregon." - From the album notes by Francis Davis, a Contributing Editor of The Atlantic Monthly and noted writer about jazz.
19169  Rebecca Kilgore and Dave Frishberg Not a Care in the World $15.00 "The tight and yet relaxed, swinging mix by Becky and Dave recreates the jazz heyday of the '40s and '50s , when singers, piano players and sidemen could be found in every American supper club, bringing the classic American songs to life." - Terry Ross, freelance writer on jazz, books, classical music and the visual arts, who lives in Portland, Oregon, often makes the scene at The Heathman listening to Becky and Dave.
19433  Rebecca Kilgore and The Harry Allen Quartet Live At Feinstein's At Loews Regency: Celebrating "Lady Day" and "Prez" $15.00 Here are 16 swinging tracks of songs associated with Billie Holiday and Lester Young. Just a wonderful CD without copying the celebrants. When it comes to vocalists, Rebecca Kilgore is head and shoulders above the rest. Being backed by the Harry Allen Quartet is just icing on the cake! A great CD!
19136  Rebecca Kilgore with Dan Barrett?s Celestial Six I Saw Stars $15.00 "This recording brings to center stage a jazz singer of considerable talent, in a set of performances displaying her mature musical taste, with excellent supportive jazz arrangements by Dan Barrett and outstanding improvised solos by the Celestial Six." -- Richard Hadlock, jazz radio host and author of Jazz Masters of the Twenties.
19432  Rick Fay Rick Fay Live in 1991! The Dixieland We Love $15.00 High-powered dixieland as it should be played. Rick always gave his all everytime he played and could instill that in his sidemen as well. CD swings throughout! This CD was oignally issued on cassette.
19177  Rick Fay Words Among the Reeds $10.00 Rick Fay once again combines his poetry with music in this sequel to Sax-o-Poem (19113), this time drawing portaits in words and music of some of his favorite jazz musicians. "In 'Words Among the Reeds' Rick Fay gives us poetic and musical portraits of himself and eleven of the jazz world's brightest stars. Like 'Sax-o-Poem', its predecessor, this album rings true in both words and notes. Rick's poems set up the musical performances that follow. Either could stand alone as the work of a gifted artist; together, the effect is synergistic. Who Am I? Rick asks in the opener. Rejoice in the creativity of his responses throughout this wonderful album. - Owen Cordle, whose work appears regularly in JazzTimes, Down Beat and in the Raleigh (NC) News and Observer.
19120  Rick Fay Endangered Species $10.00 Ricks's gang at their Condonesque best performing some of the tunes that the boys at Condon's used to play and a few new ones written by Rick. "This recording is rather like an extension of the best Commodore years. Yet it is, more significantly, a celebration of these outstanding players right now. Like Gabler's great musicians, our "Endangered Species respect the past but are far too talented to fall into mere imitation. They are - lucky for us - creating their own "good old days". -- Richard Hadlock, jazz writer, radio host, soprano saxophonist, clarinetist and author of Jazz Masters of the Twenties.
19113  Rick Fay Sax-O-Poem Poetry and Jazz $10.00 Rick Fay sums up his life in jazz in his own verse and in superb musical performances. "I know of no other album that combines the work of a poet who is also a jazz man and vice versa. As a musician-poet-performer, Rick is singular." -- Owen Cordle, jazz critic and writer for The (Raleigh, NC) News and Observer, JazzTimes and Down Beat.
19105  Rick Fay and Friends Oh, Baby $10.00 A followup to the classic "Memories of You" session but without Johnny Mince. "Sometimes, if one closes one's eyes, the opening strains of a selection, even though recorded recently, can take the memory back decades. In the case at hand-the album OH BABY-and in terms of this writer's youthful forays onto the club scene, the emotional system replays the excitement this jazz-struck teenager felt, say, upon entering Washington, D. C.'s Club Bali in the mid-1940s to see, for the very first time, Louis Armstrong's All Stars-well named, since on that bandstand with Pops were no less than Barney Bigard, Jack Teagarden, Earl Hines, Big Sid Catlett, and Arvell Shaw...I hope I make myself clear, for a similar sort of feverish condition came over me as I grooved on my first hearing of "OH BABY", and several replays have not dimmed my enthusiasm. The album is truly vintage Chicago style." -- W. Royal Stokes, broadcaster and author of The Jazz Scene: An Informal history from New Orleans to 1990
19106  Rick Fay and his Summa Orchestra This is Where I Came In $10.00 "These are the sounds that emanated from such digs as Nick's and Eddie Condon's in New York's Greenwich Village -- where inspired jazzmen established the guidelines by which we still judge this free-wheeling, effusive and joyous jazz." -- Floyd Levin, award winning jazz author, producer and lyricist.
19205  Rick Fay With Strings With a Song in My Heart $10.00 Rick Fay's creative urges once again find fufillment as he enjoys the luxury of simply caressing a batch of his favorite songs, in a thoroughly planned and well executed set of glowing performances, performances unlike any heard on his previous releases. Taken from the album notes of Richard Hadlock, author of Jazz Masters of the Twenties and jazz host on KCSM, San Mateo, CA since 1959.
19101  Rick Fay's Hot 5 Live at Lone Pine $15.00 Rick Fay's first recording which set the standard for presenting hard-charging Dixieland, but with a contemporary twist. Re-live the sound of his memorable Hot Five and share with them the pleasures of Dixieland music at its best.
ARCD19360  Ron Hockett Ron Hockett Quintet: Finally Ron $15.00 It is nice to see Ron with a CD of his own. Even nicer is to hear what a fine musician he is. This is a marvelous CD with some great supposrting players.
19237  Ross Tompkins Younger Than Springtime $10.00 "Among the many things in this world that are not to be sneezed at is a twenty-five-year-gig for a fine jazz musician. And from the time he joined the Tonight Show Band in October 1967, until Johnny Carson finally strolled off into history in 1992, Ross Tompkins had played jazz piano five nights a week for, indeed, twenty-five years...Now it is possible to enjoy at full length the artistry of Ross Tompkins uninterrupted, with his imaginative embellishments lending additional grace to some of the brightest melodies written in modern times. Tompkins' thoughtful, sensitive, inventive and fluid style makes for a wonderful listening experience." - Charles Champlin, the retired longtime arts editor, Los Angeles Times and a frequent writer on jazz subjects.
ARCD19321  Rossano Sportiello at the Old Church $15.00 The super talented Italian pianist cuts loose on this beautiful CD.
19437  Rossano Sportiello Rossano Sportiello, Nicki Parrott, Addie Mets Live At The Jazz Corner $15.00 These musicians have played together so many and have enormous empathy for each other. Nicki Sing on two track. 12 Tracks uf unbridled pleasure.
19408  Rossano Sportiello lucky to be me $15.00
ARCD19311  Ruby Braff Ruby Graff and His Buddies, Controlled Nonchalance at the Regatta Bar, Vol.2 $15.00 This is the second volume of Controlled Nonchalance. It is every bit as good as Volume 1, which was voted the best jazz record in 1995 by Jazz Journal International. If you didn't get Volume 1, you hath better get both of these.
19426  Ruby Braff Our Love Is Here To Stay $15.00 You could never pidgeonhole Ruby. His playing was always full of surprises going from the high to the low register. Just when you think you know where he is going, he changes course. Backed by a wonderful group of musicians on this great CD.
19368  Ruby Braff For The Last Time $15.00 This is Ruby's final performance, a wonderful concert at the Nairn Jazz Festival on August 7, 2002. These are two historical CDs. Ruby and the guys are in fine form. If you are a Ruby fan you will have to have this double CD.
19270  Ruby Braff Ruby Braff and the Flying Pizzarellis $15.00 This is the final recording for the Great Ruby Braff. Ruby passed away on February 9, 2003 and his horn was stilled forever. We are fortunate to have his recordings to remind us how great player he really was.
19244  Ruby Braff I Hear Music $15.00 "Ruby Braff has never run out of great songs to play and ingenious ways to play them. One of the most prolific recording artists of recent times, it should be noted that his output is even more quality than it is quantity. Braff and the Braffsmen offer tangible proof that jazz as we know it, i.e. the concept of theme and improvised variations, is still no less pungent with possibility than the great songs themselves. It's not just what each soloist plays but when: each individual statement carefully follows another, playing something in response to the previous solo, offering some wry commentary on the original tune. The entire session and indeed, the ongoing career of Ruby Braff are arguments for the continued validity of the basic tenets of jazz; the balance of solos and ensembles, of improvisation and playing the written melody, of group dynamics and interplay. And while all five supporting players are truly par excellence, it´s the leader who himself propels their collective efforts to greatness, and, in the process, shows us all who´s king of the forest." - from the album notes by Will Friedwald, the author of Jazz Singing and Sinatra! The Song Is You, and co-author with Tony Bennett of The Good Life, as well as a contributor to The New York Times and to many jazz publications.
19222  Ruby Braff The Cape Codfather $15.00 Of all the assets that a great musician needs, individuality is perhaps the most important. Ruby Braff has that quality in abundance - his playing can never be mistaken for anyone else's in the world. Today, Ruby's tone is even more sublime and full of feeling, it has been fortified and honed by the experience and wisdom that Ruby has gained from a lifetime in music. Now he seems able to pluck inspiration out of the air, creating ideas that are never less than ingenious and often monumental - he swings at any tempo. All of his skills are evident on this superb new album, and so too is the consummate artistry of the musicians who are featured alongside Ruby.
19221  Ruby Braff Music For The Still Of The Night $15.00 "The present set is a collection of 10 standards of the sort Braff has played for years, but with a difference: Braff considers this the best work he's yet done for Arbors, which he in turn considers the best body of work of his career on any label... He's an oddity among jazz musicians, one whom any composer would want to hear play his songs. He seems to respect the material as much as the manner: And that makes him that rarest of all artists, a jazz musician in whose style melody and imporvisation coexist as equal partners." --John McDonough, esteemed jazz critic who writes for Down Beat and The Wall Street Journal.
19203  Ruby Braff Born to Play $15.00 "No one these days would, I think, dream of comparing Ruby with anybody else. He is of that handful of horn players past and present whose style is so personal, distinctive and instantly recognizable, that it can only evoke Ruby Braff himself. His mastery of the cornet?s cello-like low register, his swift and effortless runs and rising and falling arpeggios (his uniquely thoughtful virtuosity), his gently staccato accents and his quiet lyricism all conspire to make Braff inimitable. At that, and inevitably, the guiding light of the album is Ruby Braff himself, who conceived the unique instrumentation and created the charts, and whose mellow horn has never sounded happier and more youthful. There is a kind of audible serenity, the sense that you are hearing a superb all-tempo player surrounded by chosen and gifted friends and doing what he likes best in the world, making beautiful jazz music for all to enjoy." - Charles Champlin is the retired art editor of the Los Angeles Times who writes often about jazz.
19194  Ruby Braff Variety is The Spice of Braff $10.00 Presenting Ruby in a variety of settings ranging from big band to quintet. "Ruby Braff has done it again. With each successive CD for Arbors - and this is the thirteenth - the amazing cornetist has outdone himself, but just when a listener thinks it can't get any better, he climbs a bit close to perfection. And this aptly titled offering is a masterpiece." - Dan Morgenstern, Director of the Institute of Jazz Studies at Rutgers University.
19165  Ruby Braff You Can Depend on Me $10.00 "There is a completely different aspect to Ruby Braff's art. From the sunlit uplands of the middle and upper register, he will dip down into a deep hollow of sound, sometimes just for a note, sometimes for a long, long passage. This is an area no one else has explored on cornet or trumpet. Indeed it is a sound unique in music, unique to Ruby Braff - warm, gentle, intimate, reflective, sometimes melancholy, sometimes delightfully sensuous. . . . The music is absolutely fresh, completely unique and couldn't possibly have been played by anyone else in the world but Ruby Braff. You only need to hear a bar or two to know that. That's the way jazz should be." - from the album notes by Martin Gayford, jazz critic of the Daily Telegraph, London, who writes regularly for many publications on both jazz and the visual arts.
19163  Ruby Braff Being With You $15.00 "A recording by Ruby Braff is one of life's more reliable pleasures. He is a musician who simply doesn't make bad albums. The charm of that mellow and fruity cornet tone, the beauty of his melodic lines, soaring, fluttering and swooping like a bird in flight - these never cease to delight the ear." - Martin Gayford, the jazz critic of the Daily Telegraph, London, writes regularly for many publications on both jazz and the visual arts.
19269  Ruby Braff and Dick Hyman America, The Beautiful $15.00 Through the courtesy of George Wein we are able to bring you this remastered edition of America, The Beautiful, which contains all 10 tracks from the original Concord release plus 7 tracks never before released or available to the public.
19141  Ruby Braff and Dick Hyman Play Nice Tunes $15.00 "Ruby and Dick, in effect, celebrated their 20th anniversary with this auspicious CD. Theirs has been a most productive and creative association, fortunately well documented on records. I cherish them all, but this one's special - not least because it is so relaxed and tuneful." - Dan Morgenstern, renowned jazz authority and Director of the Rutgers University Institute of Jazz Studies
19140  Ruby Braff and Ellis Larkins Calling Berlin, Vol. 2 $10.00 In this second volume, the familiar and the unfamiliar are again side by side, as Ruby Braff and Ellis Larkins again don their agent's headphones, turn on their ancient radio and once more announce, "Calling Berlin," Irving Berlin, that is. Braff's virtuosic flights are never exhibitionistic, so few jazz musicians "sing" like him any more. And Larkins' understated commentary matches him imaginatively. -- Paraphrased from the album notes by Stanley Dance, author of The World of Swing
19139  Ruby Braff and Ellis Larkins Calling Berlin, Vol. 1 $10.00 "The two resolute undercover agents shown in the photograph that illustrates this collection were not, as you may have assumed, engaged in ensuring the downfall of the Third Reich. They were, in fact, paying tribute to Berlin, the great American songwriter, Irving Berlin, whose songs they intended recording that day...Ruby Braff and Ellis Larkins first recorded together in 1955. They got together again in 1972. Now here they are once more, twenty two years later, still going strong like Scotland's famous Johnny Walker." - Stanley Dance, author of The World of Swing
19134  Ruby Braff and his Buddies Controlled Nonchalance at the Regattabar (Vol. 1) $15.00 "The first thing that hits you about Ruby Braff is that sound: full, round, warm, vibrant, voluptuous and unmistakably his. He had it from the start, but it's grown wider and deeper with time and is, quite simply, one of the marvels of jazz today ... There's only one Ruby Braff, and if you are like me, you can't ever get enough of him. So add this little gem to your Braff shelf." -- Dan Morgenstern, Director of the Institute of Jazz Studies at Rutgers University
19131  Ruby Braff and his Quartet Live at the Regattabar $10.00 "This latest Ruby Braff quartet, as good as any he's ever led, is nothing short of classic." -- Bob Blumenthal (jazz critic, whose writing currently appears in The Boston Globe, CD Review and The Atlantic Monthly.)
19219  Ruby Braff and Strings In the Wee Small Hours in London and New York $15.00 "The jazz faithful need no introduction to the genius of Ruby Braff. His unique sound, with its remarkable command of the low register, its soaring and descending leaps, blazing runs and its mixture of playful enthusiasm and thoughtful lyricism, was thrilling two decades ago and it is intact today, with an added richness that has come with maturity. Fiddles have never kept better company." - Charles Champlin, jazz critic and retired Arts Editor of the Los Angeles Times.
19259  Ruby Braff Quartet with Dick Hyman and Howard Alden Watch What Happens $15.00 "The Ruby Braff song book by now reaches out across dozens of CDs. We're lucky that he lived through a classic age and was able to bring forward its colors to us, but luckier still that he lives in an age where beautiful sounds are recorded with a fidelity and life that have never been known before. His embellishments are delicate and subtle and few jazz musicians have benifited more from modern studio techniques. His, more than that of any other soloist, is chamber jazz." - Steve Voce, has presented his own weekly radio program, Jazz Panorama on BBC for 33 years and has written a stimulating and controversial monthly column in Jazz Journal International for 46 years.
19260  Ruby Braff Trio and Quintet You Brought A New Kind Of Love $15.00 Right after the horror of 9/11, Ruby went into the studio and recorded some of his best music to date with some superb backing. That he was able to play was in itself a miracle, the music he created was an even bigger miracle!
19302  Sammy Sherman His Autumnal Statement. A Jazz Original - Live at Chan's $10.00 "Sammy Sherman, Father of noted singer-pianist Daryl Sherman, had his own voice on the trombone and an uncanny ability to drive trumpet players crazy by being able to hit notes higher than they could play. "The language of jazz came naturally to Samuel Sherman; he spoke it like a native. This record at last celebrates a very special artist and man  an American original." - Dan Morgenstern, a long-time friend of the Sherman family and the Director of the Institute of Jazz Studies at Rutgers University

Collective Personnel: Sammy Sherman, Daryl Sherman, Howard Alden, James Chirillo, Gray Sargent, Jay Leonhart, Frank Tate, Marshall Wood, Dan Barrett, Dick Sudhalter, Warren Vache, Loren Schoenberg

ARCD19304  Sarah Caswell But Beautiful $15.00 A gifted starbright talent of the first magnitude. An exquisite recording where every single golden note from front to back is simply...beautiful.
19415  Scott Hamilton and Rossano Sportiello Midnight at Nola's Penthouse $15.00 Two masters of their instruments play 10 tracks of timeless standards. Just a fabulous CD!
19416  Scott Hamilton, Howard Alden, Frank Tate A Splendid Trio $15.00 This is a wonderful record. Listening to three masters of their instruments is sheer joy. This happy music you wish would never end.
19276  Scott Robinson Plays the Compositions of Thad Jones $15.00 Thad Jones was a marvelous musician as well as a composer. Here are 14 tracks played by the talented multi-instrumentalist Scott Robinson and his crew. This is a fantastic CD not to be missed.
19275  Scott Robinson Jazz Ambassador: Scott Robinson Plays the Compositions of Louis Armstrong $15.00 In the early 1990s and during his State Department Jazz Ambassador's tour of eleven West African countries in 2001, Scott began to reflect on the fact that Louis Armstrong had either written or co-written a lot of great music, much of which is seldom performed. The sublime pleasure of this album, and what provides it such artistic distinction, is the creative imagination that Scott Robinson applies in uniquely arranging Armstrong's great tunes and performing them on an impressive variety of instruments in ways never before heard. If Armstrong's instrumental gifts as a virtuoso trumpeter are sometimes overlooked, his compositional talents are even more so. Many of his nearly five decades of recordings are as startling, even avant-garde, today as when they were made. Armstrong was and is king of American music. Yet few of us realize the immensity of his accomplishment. Scott's genius may help to rectify this omission
19179  Scott Robinson Thinking Big $15.00 "This is an extraordinary record by an extraordinary musician. What makes Scott Robinson so special is not that he plays so many instruments so very well (though this, of course, is no mean feat in and of itself) but that he employs this versatility in such a creative way.... This is the work of a dedicated artist who uses his skills to create new colors and textures and, always, to express his feelings." - Dan Morgenstern, Director of the Institute of Jazz Studies at Rutgers University.
19212  Scott Robinson Plays C-Melody Saxophone Melody From the Sky $10.00 Scott Robinson has managed to bring the C-melody saxophone, that odd instrument of the 1920's, blazingly back to life in a typically original fashion. We have organ trios, a string quartet, trios with acoustic guitar and either bass or bass marimba, quartets with electric guitar, quintets which add a trumpet, and a series of duets with piano. Add to that the program, which ranges from Saint-Sans to Ellington to Beiderbecke to Scott Robinson, and you can see that you're in for a hell of a ride. There is an element of music coming down from the sky and being transmitted through Scott that has tangible spiritual qualities. Music flows right out of him; here he has channeled it through the C-melody saxophone. From the album notes by Loren Schoenberg, jazz historian, witer, tenor saxophonist and big band leader.
19381  Sherrie Maricle Five Play: What The World Needs Now $15.00 The group FIVE PLAY are comprised of 5 girls from the big band DIVA, bot led by that super-talented drummer, Sherrie Maricle. As in the past, these girls don't disappoint and swing hard! A great group and CD.
19252  Skitch Henderson Swinging With Strings $10.00 Skitch Henderson was the first leader of the Tonight Show orchestra with Steve Allen and later with Johnny Carson. He is the founder and conductor of the New York Pops and has also worked as guest conductor with most of the leading orchestras of this country and the world presenting pops and symphonic concerts. In his first recording on piano in many years, he is joined by what he calls his "Fiddlers Three" - Bucky Pizzarelli, Gene Bertoncini and Peter Appleyard, all of whom are stars of the first magnitude in their own right. Added to the mix are rising star bassist Nicki Parrott, all-star drummer Joe Ascione, and a swinging hand-picked violin quartet. "The melodies come from the song book of "remember when" and the virtuosity of the player is an education if you wish to enter the proper school of jazz. The arrangements with the strings bring back memories of the wonderful radio days - the Whiteman band, and the creativity of all the radio orchestras. It is strange how old becomes new or ancient becomes modern when the right people gather. We hope you'll agree."- Skitch Henderson
19285  Skitch Henderson & Bucky Pizzarelli Legends $10.00 'The selections you will hear on this disc bring back the style of improvisation which began with Dixieland and, with imagination and improvisation, propelled us through the great days of jazz. So, dance the night away. Live it up. Live up the past and celebrate the future." - Walter Cronkite
SOJCD 202  Statesmen of Jazz A Multitude of Stars $20.00 the trumpets/cornets: Clark Terry; Joe Wilder, Warren Vaché, Ed Polcer, Don Sickler. the trombones: Benny Powell, George Masso, Wycliffe Gordon. The clarinets: Buddy DeFranco, Kenny Davern, Ken Peplowski (doubling alto). The tenors: Frank Wess, Red Holloway, Houston Person, Bob Kindred. The pianists: Jane Jarvis, Norman Simmons, Derek Smith, Johnny Varro. Guitarist Bucky Pizzarelli. Violinist (and vocalist) Johnny Frigo. Bassists Keter Betts, Bob Cranshaw, Earl May, Jay Leonhart. Drummers Louie Bellson, Eddie Locke, Jackie Williams, Dennis Mackrel. And singer Carrie Smith

Not since the heyday of Jazz at the Philharmonic has there been a jazz talent pool - indeed, a multitude of stars to compare with the thirty here assembled under the banner of the happily reconstituted Statesmen of Jazz, and this marvelous cast, folks, ain't even all the Statesmen (and women)!" - Dan Morgenstern, director of the Institute of Jazz Studies at Rutgers University

0-AFJS201  Statesmen of Jazz Statesmen of Jazz $15.00 "History is no longer an abstraction, but actual - not virtual - reality. For here are the Statesmen of Jazz, a truly extraordinary bunch, ranging in age from the early 90s to the middle 60s. These artists in the aggregate have performed with such legends of jazz as King Oliver, Louis Armstrong, Duke Ellington, Count Basie, Clarence Williams, Lips Page, Andy Kirk, Cab Calloway, Roy Eldridge, Tiny Parham, Billie Holiday, Charlie Barnet, Eddie South, Lester Young and many others. Thereys hardly a great name in jazz with whom one or more of these Statesmen hasnyt had contact." -- Dan Morgenstern (Director, Institute of Jazz Studies, Rutgers University
19407  The Internationl Hot Jazz Quartet Havin' A Ball $15.00 This is a group of International renown, swinging aggregation of musician who are all masters of their instruments. A fine CD with 15 tracks.
19299  The Metz Family Metz'n Around, Late Night Party $10.00 "Here, for the first time, you'll all get a peek at the music of my family, the Metz's. Many of these are the tunes that drifted into my bedroom during those "Late Night Parties" at our house. I am proud to announce, for the first time, the enter Metz clan got together for this fun-filled and exciting session and there's nothing like getting the best in the business to lend a had for a little family project. By that I mean John Allred and Terry Myers. Enjoy it! We certainly did." - Michael Metz
19372  Theo Croker In The Tradition $15.00 Theo carries on the tradition of his grandfather, Doc Cheatham. Carrying Theo certainly does, without copying his grandfather, in his own disticntive style. In addition, there are two tracks with the marrvelous Benny Powell on trombone.
19366  Tom McDermott and Connie Jones Creole Nocturne $15.00 The roots of Jazz goes back a long way in New Orleans and these two guys respect their musical heritage and ancestry. Here they are playing bunch of well know New Orleans standards. This one is a joy!
19146  Tom Saunders and the Wild Bill Davison Legacy Call of the Wild $10.00 "Wild Bill's prime gifts to jazz will always be remembered by future generations of musicians influenced by his distinctive style. I am sure that his proudest endowment is his band's continuing heartfelt affection and admiration. These are the men who worked with ?Wild Bill.? They traveled with him, learned from him, and were inspired by him; they benefited greatly from Bill?s encouragement and assistance. These are tunes they played with him in saloons, on concert stages, and at festivals in the U.S. and Europe. Many of these musicians are leaders in their own right. Yet, these artists of world class stature proudly unite to sustain their mentor's image. In these capable hands, the '... fire will burn on and on!'? That is unquestionably 'Wild Bill' Davison's greatest legacy!" - Floyd Levin, award-winning jazz writer for more than 40 years, jazz producer, lyricist and contributor of scores of oral history interviews to the Jazz Archive at Tulane University in New Orleans
19312  Tommy Newsom and His Octo-Pussycats $15.00 The keyword that describes Tommy's playing is always - "taste". Tommy's multi-layered sounds will also encourage re-plays that reveal fresh nuances each time. This one is sure to please many.
19251  Tommy Newsom Friendly Fire $10.00 "This CD, under Tommy Newsom's own name, is a long-overdue validation of his true stature. The tempos may vary, the moods may change - but the key word that describes Tommy's playing is always - 'taste!' ...this is a unique CD expertly played by six skilled instrumentalists intent on establishing and maintaining an integral sound that, above all - swings!" -- Floyd Levin , jazz journalist, lyricist and producer, whose new book Classic Jazz: A Personal View (University of California Press) has received wide praise from critics.
19195  Tommy Newsom and Ken Peplowski The Feeling of Jazz $10.00 "What we have here is something of a dream band. No, not that all-American-all-star-poll-winners type of dream band. A dream of the star players, their choice of leader-mate, and their choices of support players....These recording sessions were highlights of the careers of the participants. Two words suffice for TOMMY NEWSOM and KEN PEPLOWSKI: it was, and is, 'high time'!" - Arnold Jay Smith, former editor of Down Beat, celebrating during 1998-9 the XXth season of his "Jazz Insights" lectures at the New School in N.Y.C.
19201  Various A Fresh Batch of Christmas Cookies - Jazz Treats for the Holidays, Vol. Two $15.00 A new Fresh Batch of Christmas goodies whipped up by master chef and trumpeter Charlie Bertini and a group of jazzmen who apply their inimitable talents to a delightful collection of holiday tunes. Silent Night, Ave Maria, O Little Town of Bethlehem, Frosty the Snowman and 13 more rendered as jazz treats in ways that you have never heard before.
19122  Various Christmas Cookies: Jazz Treats for the Holidays $15.00 Sweeten your holiday season with this tasty collection of jazz treats. This is Christmas as you have never tasted it before - 20 freshly baked holiday classics sure to appeal to your appetite for hot jazz and cool licks
19210  Walt Levinsky In Concert As He Wanted To Be Remembered $10.00 "Listening to Walt Levinsky In Concert As He Wanted To Be Remembered, you can't help but be transported by the music. Another time, another place, another set of warm feelings begin to envlop you as Walt and his talented friends create swinging and moving moods. This album will tell you something about him too, but mostly about his vast talent and his love for the music and the audience. - Jay Handelman, theater and television critic for the Sarasota Herald-Tribune
19430  Warren Vache Ballads and Other Cautionary Tales $15.00 To play ballads effectively and well is not an easy task and very difficult to master. Warren Vache is one of the finest ballad players around the scene today. He has reached new heights with this CD.
19318  Warren Vache and The Scotttish Ensemble: Don't Look Back $15.00 "Everybody serious about Jazz and about music dreams of recording with a string ensemble" says Warren Vache. Here Warren's dream came true in Glascow, Scotland. What an excitng CD this is!
19289  Warren Vache Dream Dancing, with Bill Charlap and Harry Allen $15.00 "Taken singly, Warren Vach and his horn, muted or not, provide a dazzling treat. Add the superb piano fireworks of Bill Charlap and the duets these two bring us are more than listenable, they are positively joyful. And now, should you bring on the elegant drumming of Eddie Locke, the subtle bass beat of Dennis Irwin, and finally, drop into this mix the lush tones of Harry Allen's sax, brace yourself, friends, you are now in for an hour or so of superb music, elegant jazz provided by some of the best of our composers. Max Wilk, author of They're Playing Our Song and OK! The Story of Oklahoma who writes frequently about the Broadway theatre.
19369  Warren Vache and John Allred The Warren Vache-John Allred Quintet; Ive In Bern Switzerland at Marians Jazzroom $15.00 These two giants pack a wallop backed up by a marvelous rhythm section that also includes the marvelous Nicki Parrot on bass and also dong a vocal on Track 7. It don't come much better than this!
19399  Warren Vache John Allred Quintet top shelf $15.00 "top shelf" is an apt title for this CD with 13 tracks of swinging music. Doesn't get much better than this.
19263  Wolverines Jazz Band of Bern Switzerland The Wolverines Jazz Band of Bern Switzerland at 40 $10.00 It seems like only yesterday that Arbors Records celebrated the 35th anniversary of the Wolverines Jazz Band of Bern, Switzerland. Now, with this recording released in the year 2001, with undiminished vigor, this incredible group of seven of Europe´s most talented jazzmen, are celebrating their 40th anniversary. It is all the more amazing when you consider that its frontline of Hans Zurbrugg, Beat Uhlmann and Rudolph Knopfel and banjo-guitar player Walter Sterchi have been with the band since 1961, over the entire 40 years of its existence, and that the last personnel change was made more than 25 years ago. Not only does this make this group of musicians an institution in Bern and unique in the history of jazz but it is also a tribute to the continued vitality of its style of dixieland music. In honor of the occasion, the Wolverines were joined for this swinging program by the legendary Clark Terry, and Arvell Shaw together with Frank Capp, Scott Robinson and Duffy Jackson Jr. to demonstrate once again, in the words of leader Hanz Zurbrugg, that "the time of Dixieland is not yet over." - Producer´s Note.
19196  Wolverines of Bern at 35 The Wolverines of Bern at 35 $15.00 This recording is a tribute to the Wolverines Jazz Band of Bern, Switzerland, seven of Europe's finest musicians, who have not only continued as a band for more than three decades but have become an institution that belongs to Bern as much as its famous "bear pit." They are joined for their 35th anniversary celebration by Bob Wilber's New Generation Jazz Band in an enthusiastic, swinging program of traditional jazz demonstrating that "the time of Dixieland is not yet over."
BSM Recordings    BSM Recordings    BSM Recordings    BSM Recordings
Cat Artist Title Price Description, players, etc.
BSM105  Bob Seeley Hot Keys $20.00 16 Outstanding tracks of Ballads, Harlem Stride and Boogie Woogie. Most are familiar tunes by the likes of Johnson, Waller, Pinkard, Les Brown, Carmichael, Parrish, Buckner and Gershwin. Outstanding!
BSM104  Bob Seeley Burnin' The Boogie $20.00 Compositions by Johnson, Ammons, Lewis, Chaix and, of course, the inimitable Bob Seeley. A rompin' stompin' affair!
BSM103  Bob Seeley Detroit Style Boogie & Blues Piano $20.00 12 Tracks of some familiar, and some not, Boogie and Blues. Another fine recording by Bob Seeley!
BSM102  Bob Seeley Classic Boogie Woogie And Blues Piano $20.00 A mixture of Boogie Woogie, Stride and Blues, played as only Bob can. Marvelous recording.
BSM101  Bob Seeley Boogie Blues Gospel Stride $20.00 Without a doubt the best Boogie Woogie player on the scene today. In addition Bob plays a variety of other styles. Here he shows his skills on 16 exciting tracks.
Big Foot Jazz    Big Foot Jazz    Big Foot Jazz    Big Foot Jazz
Cat Artist Title Price Description, players, etc.
BFJ52787  Jeannie Lambert Jeannie-Ology $15.00 Jeannie's warm vocals, her choice of songs and the beautiful arrangements makes this an outstanding CD.
BFJ52788  Russ Phillips I'm Glad There Is You $15.00 Another great CD by Russ, celebrating his 19 year marriage to Jeannie Lambert. A marvelous production well worth having.
BFJ52785  Russ Phillips Andy's Windy City All Stars $15.00 This is a superb group recorded at Andy's in Chicago. All tracks recorded live except Track 4, 5, 7 & 8, which were recorded in a studio. To quote Jazz Critic Harriet Choice "They attack. They swing. There's not a weak link in the band. Eddie Condon would have approved."
Black & Blue    Black & Blue    Black & Blue    Black & Blue
Cat Artist Title Price Description, players, etc.
BB769.2  Philippe Le Jeune Groovin' Blues $15.00 The famous and talented French Boogie Woogie and Blues pianist cuts loose on 13 swinging track on this CD.
BB 701.2  Philippe LeJeune Night Mist Blues $15.00 The best boogie woogie pianist from France cuts loose on 14 tracks. Influenced by Memphis Slim, with whom he recorded in 1980.
Bowstone Records    Bowstone Records    Bowstone Records    Bowstone Records
Cat Artist Title Price Description, players, etc.
OWSCD2604  Mart Rodger Manchester Delighted $15.00 The Band tears into 16 well known Traditional tunes. A must for Traditional jazz fans.
OWSCD2603  Mart Rodger T'ain't Nobody's Bizness If We Do $15.00 Then tunes selected are excellent with some rare ones included. Again, a spirited great band.
OWSCD2602  Mart Rodger Makin' Whoopee, with Marion Montgomery and Mart Rodger Manchester Jazz $15.00 This high spirited band from England is one of the longest running bands. Here Marion Montgomery is visiting with her unique song stylings.
Bravo    Bravo    Bravo    Bravo
Cat Artist Title Price Description, players, etc.
Bravo010  Jack Brokensha American Bopthic $15.00 This is Kenny Fitzgerald's last recording before he died of cancer. The CD ended up being a tribute to Kenny and deservedly so. Everybody played their best in his memory. All tunes composed by Matt Bokulic. A marvelous CD.
Bravo005  Jack Brokensha Reunion - The AJQ plus One $15.00 This is a recording of the reunion concert at the Town Hall in Adelaide, Australia in 1993.
Bravo003  Jack Brokensha Xmass $15.00 A lovely Christmas CD by the Jack Brokensha Quartet.
Bravo001  Jack Brokensha Quartet Blame It On My Youth $15.00 Brokensha's present day quartet swings their way through twelve standards in their own inimitable hard swinging style. A marvelous recording.
Bravo 006  Jack Brokensha Quartet Bebop Lurks In The Hearts Of Men $15.00 Another outstanding CD from this stellar group!
Bravo 008  Matt Bokulic The Conversation $15.00 This is the trio that normally backs Jack Brokensha for his Quartet recordings. This time they have cut out on their own, recording a few standards and the rest are Bokulic originals. This is an excellent recording and shows the trios consumate skills.
Continental    Continental    Continental    Continental
Cat Artist Title Price Description, players, etc.
002  Eddie Pawl Have Horn Will Travel $15.00 There are a couple of different groups on this marvelous second CD by Eddie Pawl. Both groups are great and swing hard. Eddie has the horn and he WILL travel!
001  Eddie Pawl Live At The Lido $15.00 The world of music, with all its fascinating charm, beckoned Eddie Pawl at an early age. In fact, the fever so engulfed him that, as a young man, he toured the musical pathways, playing his tenor saxophone and clarinet, with such stalwarts as Claude Thornhill, The Dorseys and Bob Strong. Eddie, the "Windjammer," still today, despite being a sportsman, busy executive, and restauranteer, finds time to entertain at Sullivans in Sarasota, Florida. Musicology is not just a profession - it is a way of life.
Cat Artist Title Price Description, players, etc.
DJCD006  Diane Linscott Once Upon A Summertime $15.00 Diane is in some very fine company on this one. 14 tracks of some fine tunes with everybody in the band playing their heart out for Diane. She is the consummate singer, always on pitch and enunciates clearly. This is without a doubt her best CD yet. Don't miss this one!
DLCD005  Diane Linscott & Charlie Prawdzik Our DAY at the Movies $15.00 Nobody better than Diane to pay homage to Doris Day, without sounding like her. Backed sympathetically by Charlie Prawdzik and Mark Neuenschwander. Diane and Charlie discovered their mutual love of Doris Day and this is the beautiful result.
Downtown Records    Downtown Records    Downtown Records    Downtown Records
Cat Artist Title Price Description, players, etc.
CD9206  Various Artists Young Generation of Swing, Volume 2 $8.00 The famous Rems-Murr-Jazztage Concert in Stuttgart with an all-star international band of musicians. Some swinging music
Eastlawn Records    Eastlawn Records    Eastlawn Records    Eastlawn Records
Cat Artist Title Price Description, players, etc.
ELD016  Alberta Adams Detroit's "Queen Of The Blues" $8.00 When people say "Detroit's Queen Of The Blues" they are not exaggerating one bit. RJ's band is perfect for her. This is some mighty fine blues going down here. This is a host CD and is specially priced.
ELD012  Odessa Harris The Easy Life $8.00 Odessa Sings the blues in the tradition backed by a superb band of blues musicians.
Cat Artist Title Price Description, players, etc.
CD-1016  Al Cohn in Concert, 1986 $16.00 Includes: Hymn, Sweet and Lovely, One Note Samba, What's New, My Shining Hour, Broadway, When Your Lover Has Gone, Easy Living.
CD-1004  Bobby Hackett, Ed Hall, Vic Dickenson Milton Jazz Concert, 1963 $16.00 A live Massachusetts concert with the legendary front line in an unusually aggressive mood, ably abetted by Evans Schwarz, piano; Champ Jones, bass; and Mickey Sheen, drums, in 73 minutes of never before released performances. Notes by Jim Weaver. Available in CD only.
CD-1021  Buck Clayton Live At The Embers $16.00 With Joe Bushkin, Milt Hinton and Jo Jones. These stints at The Embers with the Joe Bushkin Quartet were among the happiest of his distinguished career.
CD-1013  Bunny Berigan ARC Sideman, 1931-1936 $16.00 This CD brings attention to a neglected period of BB's career. Although BB's recordings as a leader are better known, many afficianados prefer his work as a sideman. His most elusive work comes from the records he made between 1931 and 1936 as a ubiquitous studio musician with the American Record Co. (ARC), Melotone, Banner, Romeo, Perfect and also on Columbia and their dimestore labels. Berigan specialist Bozy While has selected 24 ARC Studio band hot dance tracks with the best of Bunny's solos.
CD-1005  Duke Ellington his Orchestra and friends at the First Annual Connecticut Jazz Festival, 1956 $16.00 Reissue of IAJRC LP-45 plus four additional Ellington Orchestra tracks. Digitally remastered from the original analog stereo tapes. Friends include: Willie "The Lion" Smith, Buck Clayton, Hank Jones, Walter Page, and Art Trappier.
CD-1020  Edmond Hall Flyin' High 1949-1959 $16.00 Originally issued on two LP's, one for the New Hampshire Library of Traditional Jazz and the other on Rae-Cox 1120. Traditional jazz by the one and only Edmond Hall and his friends Omer Simeon, Herbert Hall, Dick Cary , Jimmy Raney, Al Hall, Jimmy Crawford, Johnny Windhurst, Vic Dickenson, Kenny Kersey and John Field.
CD-1014  Herbie Fields Septet Live At The Flame Club St. Paul, 1949 $16.00 Indiana, Zing went the strings of my heart, Tiny's blues, The way you look tonight, For Betty's sake, Lover, Lemon Drop, Unknown title. Also includes cuts from the two very rare Parrot 78s: Harlem Nocturne, Things ain't what they used to be, I love you, Mr. Jump.
CD-1006  Herman Chittison P.S. With Love $16.00 Previously unissued solos by this piano great. Specially-priced combination offer with IAJRC Monograph No. 2, Herman Chittison: A Bio-Discography.
CD-1015  Horace Henderson and his Orchestra Chicago, 1954 - At the Trianon Ballroom. $16.00 Featured soloists include: Jimmy Forrest, Goon Gardner, Porter Kilbert and Gail Brockman. 23 Tracks!
CD-1012  James Reese Europe and the Hell Fighters Band James Reese Europe and the Hell Fighters Band Featuring Noble Sissle $16.00 Complete Pathe recordings of this military band from 1919. 24 Cuts total. Musicians include: Russell Smith, Pops Foster, Jake Porter, Herb Flemming. Notes by Mark Berresford. Remastered by John R. T. Davies
CD-1008  Joe Haymes and his Orchestra 1932-1936 $16.00 23 Never-Reissued Recordings (Does NOT duplicate any tracks from IAJRC LP 46).
CD-1003  Joe Venuti and his Orchestra Pretty Trix $16.00 Rare 1934 transcriptions featuring Red Norvo, Louis Prima and duets with Frank Victor. More than 70 minutes playing time, 29 selections.
CD-1001  Lucky Thompson Tenor Sax of Lucky Thompson: The Beginning Years $16.00 Collection of 23 rare west coast tracks with Bob Mosley All Stars, Lucky Thompson All Stars, Estelle Edson & Oscar Peterson All Stars, George's Dukes & Dutchess, David Allyn, Lyle Griffin Orchestra, Basin Street Boys, Ike Carpenter, Ernie Andrews, and Mills Blue Rhythm Band. Also available on cassette. Not available on LP.
CD-1011  Red Nichols and his Five Pennies Radio Transcriptions: 1929-1930 $16.00 Brunswick Brevities and The Heat series. 36 cuts of the rarest Red Nichols. Collective personnel includes: Nichols, Glenn Miller, Jack Teagarden, Jimmy Dorsey, Charlie Teagarden, Manny Klein, Benny Goodman, Babe Russin, Adrian Rollini, Joe Sullivan, Gene Krupa, Bud Freeman, many others. Notes by Steve and Stan Hester. Remastering by Jack Towers.
CD-1019  Tubby Hayes England's Late Jazz Great $16.00 This is a fantastic CD culled from broadcasts between 1957 and 1972, with Tubby's Quartet, Quintet, Jazz Couriers, Big Band plus Tony Kinsey Trio and Harry South's band. If you are a fan of Hayes' this is a must. If you haven't discovered Tubby as yet you are missing something.
CD-1018  Various Artists Guitar Rarities Volume 2 - 1933-1947 $16.00 Albert Harris, Joe Young, Tony Gattuso, Carl Kress, Ernie Varni
CD-1009  Various Artists Milton Jazz Concert, 1964 $16.00 Features Yank Lawson, Buck Clayton, Edmond Hall, and Vic Dickenson. 73+ minutes of great live music recorded in Milton, Mass. - a companion volume to IAJRC CD1004.
CD-1007  Various Artists The Obscure and Neglected Chicagoans, 1925-1929 $16.00 Dud Mecum's Wolverines, The Original Wolverines, Ray Miller and his Hotel Gibson Orch., Ray Miller & his Orch., Thelma Terry and her Boyfriends; 25 titles, 29 tracks; remastered by Jack Towers; notes by Frank Powers; F. Cotterel, J. Lord, G. Johnson, Muggsy, Krupa, F. O'Brien, B. Jacobson, Zurke, W. Smith, possibly McPartland & Tesch.
Jazz Connaisseur    Jazz Connaisseur    Jazz Connaisseur    Jazz Connaisseur
Cat Artist Title Price Description, players, etc.
JCCD 9518-2  Dado Moroni The Way I Am $10.00 "When [his] recording session for the CD 'With Duke In Mind' was finished, Dado felt very relaxed and happy. ALl the pressure was gone. He started to fool around on the piano and then fell into a blues. It was tremendous! What could we do to preserve this great music? There was tape and time left and a decision was quickly made. Dado agreed to record some additional 'after hours piano', just playing what came into his mind, just improvising, just playing 'the way he is'. Peter Pfister let the tapes run again and you can hear the superb results on this present CD." - Jorg Koran, Producer.
JCCD 9726-2  Jon Weber Flying Keys $10.00 "When Siegfried [Mohr] visited Jon Weber in Chicago...he called me and raved about the pianistic potential of this young man. To prove it, Jon played to me over the phone. I was dumbfounded! He was an extraordinary talent. ...My decision was quickly made. Jon Weber had to be recorded by Jazz Connaisseur." - Jorg Koran
JCCD 8803-2  Lucien Barbarin and the Henri Chaix Trio Trombone Tradition $10.00 "We felt that Benri Chaix' approach to jazz would perfectly fit with Lucien Barbarin's natural, unspoilt talent and that Henri Chaix, being as experienced as his is, would give the young man from New Orleans a reliable and inspiring support.
With the group were Henri Chaix' usual and favorite accompanists, with whom he has recorded before: Alain Dubois on bass and Romano Cavicchiolo on drums.
In our opinion this musical meeting proved to be a very happy one. The recordings have that special flavor and charm that is to typical of New Orleans music." - Doris Koran
JCCD 9313-2  Sir Charles Thompson Playing My Way $10.00
Koko Jazz Records    Koko Jazz Records    Koko Jazz Records    Koko Jazz Records
Cat Artist Title Price Description, players, etc.
KJRCD003  Greg Abate Monsters In The Night $8.00 Greg Abate (as, ts, fl, comp, arr) Artie Montanaro (tb) Paul Nagel (p) Bill Miele (b) Vinny Pagana (dr).

Nothing scary about this one. It is a tribute to the movie monsters and can best be described as haunting and spirited. Everybody is in great form here.

KJRCD002  Greg Abate Quintet Here Is To Horace - A Tribute To Horace Silver $8.00 A dynamite tribute to the great Horace Silver. The CD contains 8 tracks of Silver originals and 2 by Greg Abate, composed for this session. The band is in excellent form. This one is a winner.
Loup-garous    Loup-garous    Loup-garous    Loup-garous
Cat Artist Title Price Description, players, etc.
LG1002  Dan Levinson Dan :Levinson's Eleven Sons Of Rosy - Where The Morning Glories Grow $15.00 This CD is to demonstrate Rosy McHargue's genius as an arranger and his unique talent for finding obscure songs that deserve to be heard. None of these arrangements have ever been commercially recorded. A fine CD!
LG1001  Dan Levinson Dan Lewvinson's Roof Garden Jass Band - The ODJB and the Beginning of Recorded Jazz $15.00 On the morning of February 26, 1917, five young men from New Orleans calling themselves the Original Dixieland Jass Band walked through the double doors at 42nd West 38th Street, New York, to record a new kind of music they had brought with them. The Victor Talking Machine Company did not know what it was in for and neither did the world. Here, Dan and the guys let loose with a bunch of their tunes. WOW!
Macby    Macby    Macby    Macby
Cat Artist Title Price Description, players, etc.
MCB-003  Dixie Castle Castle-In-The-Box $10.00 This a really fun group. They play well and they swing. There are different permutations on the various tracks. We would like single out Ken Aoki on banjo, a mster of his instrument and the super talented Michiko Ogawa on piano, who can do it all. We played this one several times because it is well played and is enjoyable. No copying here, all are individuals and everybody is having a ball!
MCB-002  High Time Rollers Walking To New Orleans $10.00 This is one of the premier trad bands in Japan led by Kiyotaka Soga. The band is excellent and has a nice choice of tunes, ranging from the the obscure "Big Chief Battle Axe", associated with Bunk Johnson, to Rags, traditional and gospel. The piano of Michiko Ogawa is outstanding throughout. Excellent recording quality.
Musicians Private Labels    Musicians Private Labels    Musicians Private Labels    Musicians Private Labels
Cat Artist Title Price Description, players, etc.
Vol.1  Al Galladoro &Tucker Antell Sarasota Saxes $8.00 Maybe this title should have been Old Meets Young. Tucker is 16 years young and Al Gallodoro is a spry 90! Tucker keeps growing, not only in age but also musically. An amazing young man
DMGN-001  Dave Morgan 3D In Blue $8.00 Dave Morgan is a multi-talented musician here in fine comapny with Jamie Ousley and Jeff Lashway. Elevn fine standards.
DLCD002  Diane Linscott Alone/Together $8.00 There isn't anything quite like the love songs and Diane knows how to get them across to her audience. There are different kinds of love, happy, unhappy, etc. but here Diane makes love to each song.
DLCD001  Diane Linscott Singin' Around $8.00 Dan Barrett in his review in the Mississippi Rag said "Although most of the singers of Jazz's Golden Age have either retired or are no longer with us, there are a few women today who seem to embody the best aspects of their predecessors. Diane Linscott is one of them"
DL  Diane Linscott You Must Believe In Spring $8.00 A fine CD of beautiful standards sung exquisitely by Diane backed by a superb group of musicians.
Goblin Bee 1776  Diane Linscott & the Mike Petrone Trio I Love Being Here With You $15.00 Diane is in fine voice here. A CD filled with beautiful standards. Diane is ably backed by the MIke Petrone Trio.
DLFNP 122404  Greg Nielsen Trombone Giants $8.00 All tunes were composed by that Genius Duncan Lamont as a tribute to the great trombonists we all love.
LL5602  Hanna Richardson things are looking up $8.00 A tour de force for Hanna Richardson, backed here superbly by a marvelous group featuring Phil Flanigan,
1  Harry Allen Quartet Harry Allen Quartet $8.00 Small group jazz. Superb solos.
Harry Allen, tenor; Joe Cohn, guitar; Joel Forbes, bass; Chuck Riggs, drums
JMP-001  Heather Evans A Little Thing Called Love $8.00 Heather Evans, vocals; Jane Getz or Frank Collett, piano; Rickey Woodard, saxophones; Chris Colangelo or Richard Simon, bass; Don Littleton or Sherman Ferguson, drums.
"It's evident that Heather Evans paid her dues professionally, as well as emotionally -- singing in New York clubs and in the top nightspots in Los Angeles..."
- Richard Simon
JSOU002  Johnny Souza Meet Me In The City $10.00 Johnny Souza is one of the premier trumpeters in the Boston Area and here he has surrounded himself with some of Boston's finest talents. A must!
WCD515  Miami Saxophone Quartet Live in Concert $8.00 From a fantastic concert with Richard Bravo (bongos, congas & drums)Phillip Strange (piano on a "Child Is Born") Chuck Bergeron (piano on "From The Hood") David Hardman (drums and 'metals' on "From The Hood". All the musicians are topflight!
ADCO 0502  Peter Buehr A Smooth One $8.00 This is a most successful group that has toured Germany to critical acclaim. Peter Winters in Florida and when here, the group is in great demand. Another tour in Europe is planned for the group.
GJRCD003  Valerie Gillespie Valerie Gillespie LIVE! $8.00 Valerie has done it again! A live recording from The Villages in FLorida. An outstanding recording by this talented artist. Generous recording time at 78:48
GJRCD002  Valerie Gillespie Once Again $15.00 This super talented young lady plays and sings up a storm with small groups and a big band.
GJRCD001  Valerie Gillespie Branded $8.00 Jimmy Lyons, President of the Tampa Bay Jazz Society has this to say: "Don't let her diminutive size fool you - she is a musical tigress. She will take you on a safari, reaching all corners of the jazz world"
Open Minded Jazz    Open Minded Jazz    Open Minded Jazz    Open Minded Jazz
Cat Artist Title Price Description, players, etc.
OMJ002  Bruce Gertz Reptilian Fanatisies $8.00 These fine Boston Area musicians under the leadership Of Bruce Gertz swing their way through 13 tracks of swinging music. All tunes are originals by three of the members of the band.
OMJ-001  Bruce Gertz It Wasn't Me $8.00 All original tunes by Bruce Gertz, Jerry Bergonzi and Gabriel Guerrero, played by some very talented musicians from the Boston Area.
Punch    Punch    Punch    Punch
Cat Artist Title Price Description, players, etc.
PAd023  John "Punch" Thomas Traditional Jazz Favorites II $10.00 All great swinging groups on this one with a great set of tunes played superbly.
PAD019  John "Punch" Thomas After The Lovin' $10.00 Fifteen great tracks by stellar groups headed by John.
PAD013  John "Punch" Thomas Other Women In My Life $10.00 Here John pays tribute to all the women in his life, musically speaking that is.
PAD007  John "Punch" Thomas Goin' Places, Seein' Sights II $10.00 John takes us on a swinging trip to various places. A marvelous recording.
PAD006  John "Punch" Thomas Goin' Places, Seein' Sights I $10.00 Here John takes us on a swinging trip to various places. All played with gusto.
PAD004  John "Punch" Thomas Tribute to Fats Waller $10.00 A swinging set of tunes composed by Fats Waller. A great CD.
Trick Records    Trick Records    Trick Records    Trick Records
Cat Artist Title Price Description, players, etc.
TCD005  Stephanie Trick Live at the Sheldon Concert Hall $15.00 Here are 19 tracks from a concert at Sheldon Concert Hall. A lot of stride piano and a Boogie Woogie number thrown in for good measure. "Alfie" is a composition by Stephanie for her pet rabbit Alfie. It is a beautiful Blues number.
TCD004  Stephanie Trick Piano Tricks $15.00 This is a rmake of TCD001 with added tracks. TCD001 is no longer available. Stephane, as usual, plays just beautifully. The CD 3 tracks of Ragtime, 3 tracks of Jazz and 5 tracks of Classical music. Stephanie shows her great versatility here.
TCD003  Stephanie Trick Ragtime Tricks $15.00
TCD002  Stephanie Trick Hear That Rhythm $15.00
Vanity USA    Vanity USA    Vanity USA    Vanity USA
Cat Artist Title Price Description, players, etc.
V001  Rhythm Society Orchestra Linger Awhile $15.00 The band set out to re-create classic and a few lesser-known performances of the swing era, played as they would have been years ago but recorded here in high fidelity while using 1940's vintage microphones. Vocalists Paul and Melissa King and the hot solos peppered throughout play integral roles in setting the tone that drives these renditions home.
Victoria Records    Victoria Records    Victoria Records    Victoria Records
Cat Artist Title Price Description, players, etc.
VC 4387  Stephanie Trick Something More $15.00 This is a fine example of stride piano played with warmth and technical skill